We help you teach

We help you teach

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Tricks oriented to practical use cases.
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Charmex and commitment to education

We understand the great challenge that education has in the face of the complicated situation we live in,
That is why
we want to help teachers in their work and do our bit through
of this platform where we leave you a series of
completely free tools, resources and video tutorials  
related to new collaborative technologies for education.

We present the new catalog with videoconferencing solutions that Charmex can bring to the scene today,
a hybrid or blended teaching model of “face-to-face education and distance education”.

We will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us.

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Engaging lessons with the Lynx Whiteboard Find out!

Our partner Clevertouch defends that active learning consists of creating an environment in which students can participate directly in their own educational development.

"LYNX Whiteboard" or LYNX Blackboard is a totally new concept in which all activities can be worked in one place and work can be assigned to people, teams or all contacts.

More information about the LYNX board
Free resources

Choose the tools that best suit your current needs and interests!
and download them at no cost!

Video tutorials

Do you want to create interactive games with Snowflake Online? Do you need to record your screen for your lessons?
Here are tutorials to help you

What is Snowflake online ?
Where to apply for a license?

What is Lynx recorder ?
How does it work?

Snowflake online
How to manage a license?

How to create a lesson in Snowflake online ?
How to share Snowflake lessons online with your students?

How to edit a lesson from the Snowflake community online and share it?

Education solutions
The possibilities of interactive technologies allow the development of new teaching methods, stimulating participation and facilitating learning. Discover our selection for classrooms.
Video conferencing solutions for hybrid training

We have created these bundles according to the dimensions of the classroom: small, medium, auditorium and large classrooms, and even solutions for the remote teacher.
Affordable and scalable audio and video collaborative tools that allow both in-person and remote attendees to interact
We help you teach
Small classrooms : This solution consists of a 4K camera with speaker tracking, an interactive monitor with Android and integrated PC, and a portable monitor stand with wheels.

We help you teach
Medium and large classrooms : a compact system has been selected that integrates a 4K camera with advanced speaker monitoring, a large format interactive monitor with Android, integrated PC and monitor support. In addition, a wide coverage microphone system and high-quality loudspeakers can be integrated.
We help you teach
Remote teacher: designed to teach classes remotely with excellent audio and video quality, allowing the teacher to focus only on giving their class. The camera is 4K has voice tracking and the hands-free audio system allows the capture of high quality audio while acting as a speaker.

Video tutorials Integrated solution for the development of remote or blended classes.

  Do you want to see how this solution works? We explain it to you in these videos

Integrated solution for the development of remote or blended classes.

We provide the educational community with an integrated professional system for the development of remote or semi-presential classes.

This bundle solves the complex capture of sound and image in classrooms, with the aim that non-contact students can follow the explanation from home, without comprehension or visualization problems.

Our specialists have chosen the components to offer a true solution, with the versatility and quality necessary to adapt to any cloud service for both videoconferencing and virtual classroom management.

What is included in the bundle for remote or blended classes:
- 1 Traulux TLM 65 ”or 75” interactive monitor, to choose, with embedded Android 8.0.
- 1 PC-OPS i5 module with 8 Gb of RAM and 256 Gb SSD + Windows 10 PRO pre-installed and license activated.
- 1 Poly Studio USB Auto Track 4K video conference camera and soundbar

More information about this integrated solution
We help you teach

Video tutorials Integrated solution for the development of remote or blended classes.

  Do you want to see how this solution works? We explain it to you in these videos

Tips and tools to keep you motivated!
How to create fun lessons with Snowflake.live?

An infinite whiteboard for working with interactive devices.

Video pills of lessons from teachers turned tech specialists to accompany children at home.

Here's our partner's initiative, short, fun interactive educational videos to provide parents, guardians, and teachers with ways to keep kids busy and entertained.

"We understand. Most of us, if not all, have never experienced a situation like this in our lives. Some of us are parents who face a new challenge - how to occupy and develop young minds while they are locked up", they comment from Clevertouch.

And to help, they have turned to their education specialists, all of them former teachers, who have gone straight from the classroom to the Clevertouch team.

“They are at home preparing fun online activities for you to try at home. Watch the videos, try the content, and we even have some ideas of things to do at home afterwards, ”they say from the manufacturer.

It is a YouTube playlist, in the upper right you can select the video you prefer from the 33 available.

You can also activate the automatic subtitles that YouTube generates.

Other resources that can help you
Here we leave you some websites of the Ministry of Education and other entities that may be useful to you.
We help you teach

Online educational materials and resources for teachers.
We help you teach

Open educational resource network.
We help you teach

CeDeC's EDIA project
It promotes the creation of dynamics of digital and methodological transformation in the centers.
We help you teach

It helps to integrate digital technologies in the classroom, improving academic results and employability.

Education digital tools
We have also compiled different educational websites, platforms and applications that will allow you to increase interactivity and collaboration in the classroom.
Most require prior registration to access for free.
We help you teach
Web to create online questionnaires of three types: in a live game, as a task or individually.

Discover them here
We help you teach
Platform that trains students through flashcards and various games and tests.

Discover them here
We help you teach
Learning Apps
Web2.0 application created to support teaching and learning processes with small interactive modules .

Discover them here
We help you teach
Transform your traditional printable worksheets into self-correcting interactive exercises that students can fill out online.
Discover them here
We help you teach
Creation of educational games. Sponsored by the ministry of education

Discover them here
We help you teach
Communication tool between teachers, parents and students. Educational resources for teachers

Discover them here
We help you teach
Game-based learning platform using real-time quizzes and trivia

Discover them here
We help you teach
Platform for creating interactive video lessons

Discover them here

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