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Ref: CS-1800PA Vision

Active speakers for false ceiling installation. It has a stereo line level input and 1 bluetooth 4. 0 input to easily connect computers, phones or tablets without the use of cables. It also has a stereo line level output, which provides the function of speaker chain (daisy chain) to connect several speakers in the same room and expand the distribution of sound. Easy-to-install magnetic front grille that adheres magnetically to the speakers once installed. Low depth: installable in multiple situations with false ceiling, where a hole of 198 mm is required (clipping template included).

Brand: Vision
Power ( w ): 60W
Type: Active
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Brand: Vision
Type: Active
No. speakers: 2
Power ( w ): 60W
Woofer: 6,5"
Tweeter: 0,5"
Sensitivity: 89 dB (1w/1m)
Frequency response: 80Hz- 20KHz
Inputs: 1 x nivel línea 2-RCA, 1 x Bluetooth 4.0
Departures: 1 x nivel línea 2-RCA
Remote control:
Microphone inputs: No
Acessories included: 1 x cable altavoz 5 m, 1 x control remoto (batería incluida CR2025 3V Li-Mn)
Dimensions ( mm ): 224 x 82
Colour: White
Weight (kg.): 2,4 (el par)
Warranty (years ): Garantía de por vida (desde marzo 2017)