Christie helps bring mapping to Madrid's high cuisine in WeMapping

This sensory experience has revolutionized the events sector in Madrid and is developed under the concept of table mapping. For its realization 22 Christie DWU850-GS 1DLP laser projectors are used. These are hanging vertically, in truss structures, on the roof of Espacio Harley.

Published in: Digital AV Magazine

WeMapping is the new audiovisual experience that combines technology and haute cuisine. This takes place at Espacio Harley , a shop specializing in events, located near the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid. Here we offer a sensory show that takes the mapping to the table of the diners under the concept of table mapping.

The project was devised by three companies eager to create an innovative and dynamic proposal so that the experience in front of a plate would be totally different in the corporate events: MICE Catering , Espacio Harley and BMotion . In addition, Christie's laser projection equipment has been chosen for its realization.

Table mapping allows to project on a table any type of 3D images changing the color and giving life to food, dishes and even the table itself. WeMapping offers a visual show based on different themes that reinforces the gastronomic experience for up to 200 people. The contents, developed by BMotion, can be adapted ad hoc for each event and brand according to guests, time available and format.

BMotion is the technological partner of this great event space, taking care of all aspects of the audiovisual project, from the design, installation and operation of the equipment, to the development of videomapping contents made by its digital design department, which They can be totally personalized.
Christie helps bring mapping to Madrid's high cuisine in WeMapping
Christie helps bring mapping to Madrid's high cuisine in WeMapping
For the realization of the WeMapping experience, 22 Christie DWU850-GS 1DLP laser projectors (7,500 ANSI lumens and WUXGA resolution) are mounted vertically in truss structures on the roof of Harley Space and supplied by Charmex .

"The GS Series laser projectors produce the impression that they have more power than their lamp similes of the same brightness. In addition, when dealing with lampless equipment, maintenance is much easier. We also love the tranquility that laser technology provides us in very demanding events with multiple projectors in operation, "explains Alejandro Trujillano of the Production Department of BMotion.

Trujillano also highlights the form factor and the aesthetics of the equipment: "These are lightweight and compact machines that have a design suited to the care of the environment thanks to a discreet chassis. Another outstanding feature is integrated warping and blending, which is very interesting for complex applications, and the richness of colors and color saturation offered by these equipment is also important. "

In that sense, the GS Series incorporates BoldColor, a technology patented by Christie that ensures intense and realistic images with high levels of brightness.