The Festival Deltebre Dansa embraces the projection of Vivitek laser by the hand of Charmex

The Festival Deltebre Dansa embraces the projection of Vivitek laser by the hand of Charmex
The Festival Deltebre Dansa , one of the international references of the performing arts sector that takes place every year in the homonymous municipality of the province of Tarragona, has acquired a laser projector to take charge of all the projections of the event. The team, supplied by Charmex , had had its debut in the last edition that has been held with the assistance of more than 900 professionals from around the world.

Deltebre Dansa, already in its thirteenth edition, is an event that, for two weeks, gathers dancers, actors and circus artists from around the world with quality training and puts them in contact with professors of recognized international prestige.

The nerve center of the festival is a large circus tent measuring 34 meters in diameter where the variety and avant-garde spectacles of the event take place. There are projected, for example, the videos of opening and closing, as well as different audiovisuals that summarize the passage of Deltebre Dansa. There are also some representations that incorporate projections.

This year, the festival, which had always hired the projection equipment that it used to cover its audiovisual needs, decided to take a leap in quality in the projection and decided to take a laser projector under ownership.

" We had the need to have a projector of the highest quality with a high resolution and that could look good from all angles for the 900 people who gather in the tent, " recalls Josep Ramon Guallar, responsible for communication at the festival.

For this reason, Oriol Ibáñez Fauquer, who is one of the technical managers of Deltebre Dansa, approached Charmex to advise on the most appropriate option. And Enric Bohigas, project consultant of this B2B reference provider of the audio-visual sector, immediately thought of the Vivitek DU7090Z , a laser projector of 6000 ANSI lumens and WUXGA resolution.

" It is a team that offers a stable and high quality projection with a low cost of ownership and, thanks to its laser light source, guarantees 20,000 maintenance-free hours, " explains Bohigas. " In addition, its great brightness, the interchangeable lenses that it uses and the possibility of orienting it in vertical projection mode and 360º allows adapting it to multiple spaces, " he adds.
The Festival Deltebre Dansa embraces the projection of Vivitek laser by the hand of Charmex
The Festival Deltebre Dansa embraces the projection of Vivitek laser by the hand of Charmex
Oriol Ibáñez was clear and did not hesitate to advise the purchase of the team Roberto Olivan, founder and artistic director of Deltebre Dansa. This is how the Vivitek debuted in this year's edition of the festival. And the reactions could not have been more positive.

" We are delighted with the team ", summarizes Oriol. " It has a very interesting light and contrast ratio and offers clear and sharp projections. It also has a great color fidelity and a very powerful luminosity, which is very important because in the tent there are many bounces of light, " he adds .

Also, Oriol highlights the ease of movement that allows the projector, a very important factor for Roberto Olivan, who also intends to use the equipment in the creation center that he has recently opened: " In that sense, we were interested in having a machine That I could move from here to there without suffering too much, and this model is showing to be especially resistant . "

He adds: " Its 20,000 hours of operation without a lamp at low cost are also a great advantage because we are giving it to practically uninterrupted use." Another functionality that we highlight is that it can be controlled remotely from an HTTP platform. not least, we love the black color of its chassis, which is something that not all brands offer . "

In the tent of Deltebre Dansa, the projector is hanging above the public at 7 meters high and works shooting on a retractable screen of 6 meters wide, at a projection distance of 4.5 meters. It uses a wide-angle lens VL904G 0.8: 1 and is mounted on an SMS Precision PRO 250 support , also supplied by Charmex, which represents this Swedish brand exclusively in Spain.

The truth is that the acquisition of this Vivitek laser projector has been a before and after for the festival. " The truth is that we are very happy with the team and the leap in quality that we have given to our audiovisuals has been enormous, " says the festival's communication director. " We are really proud to be able to show our work on such a large screen and with a spectacular projection quality, " I concluded.

Oriol Ibáñez, for his part, does not want to stop pondering the service offered by Charmex. " They have been at our side all the time to advise us and resolve all our doubts, both before and after the purchase, with excellent treatment and a quick and effective response ," I concluded.