Ref: ENX1001 Evoko

Evoko naso is the most innovative room reservation system on the market. The benefits of the solution, its robustness and elegant design make it suitable for installation in all meeting rooms or spaces that require management of their occupation.
In addition, its use is very simple, being the solution chosen by the most demanding, who require an intuitive system that is easy for everyone to use.
Evoko naso solves the need to find a free meeting room or to manage its occupation in advance.
On the other hand, its touch screen allows on-site reservation and the visualization of the occupancy status. If the screen is illuminated in green it would indicate that the room is free and if the illumination is in red it would indicate that it is occupied.
It will also inform us when the current meeting ends and when the next occupation of the room is scheduled.
Evoko naso allows integration with microsoft 365. It is also possible to make reservations through rfid/nfc/pin identification systems, centralized equipment management, incident reporting and statistics on room resources.

The new room reservation system allows the possibility of selecting three service packages: rose, pepper and guava. The former adds an extra layer of functionality with automatic registration when entering a meeting room and full catering options when reserving a room. Rose also allows you to add maps to guide attendees to the meeting room or usage. Api for automation and integration. Another much appreciated feature is the mobile app, which makes it easy to find a suitable meeting space and reserve it on the go. The pepper package coordinates all available workspaces. If the organization uses a hot desking office (the same workspace is used by different people at different times), evoko naso can help locate and reserve workspaces from the same mobile, as well as offering the possibility of physically finding others people in the organization. The usage data collected provides information to improve the use of the workspaces, while the guava package has been created in order to give a personalized welcome to visitors and relevant information about the planned meeting. the meeting organizer receives an advert

Brand: Evoko
Connectivity: PoE/PoE+, Ethernet, WiFi
Supported servers: MS Office 365
Wall installation:
Display type: Táctil capacitiva
Color display: Color
Screen size: 8"
Source feed: 12V, POE/POE+
Warranty (years ): 2
Resolution: 1024x768
Os: Linux Kernel