FRAME SERIE H9 NOVASTAR (10 Inputs - 5 Outputsx2)

FRAME SERIE H9 NOVASTAR (10 Inputs - 5 Outputsx2)_0

Ref: H9-MAINFRAME NovaStar

Series h is the range of processors for video management for led screen novastar. Specially designed for fine pitch led applications, it is the first modular video processor and controller to meet all the needs of the led industry. Thanks to its modular architecture, the h series allows us to configure our custom processor. A complete range of input and output cards make up this new world-leading range of solutions for led screens. Available in several chassis versions that house different number of slots, allowing us to adapt and configure our processor to the led installation. It has dvi, hdmi, sdi, vga, video over ip, dp input cards, etc. Regarding the output cards, the h series has cards with ethernet output to directly attack the led screen, the h series also has hdmi and dvi outputs to show content on different types of displays, whether they are monitors, projectors, etc. The h series simplifies the interconnection structure of the system for customers. It will also reduce equipment failure rates and improve equipment operation and maintenance to a whole new level. True flexibility - awaken a new sensory experience the h series supports multiple layers with an unrestricted layout. Each output daughter board provides 16 layers (up to a maximum of 16 layers per port). Layers can freely cross different output load areas while maintaining the same layer size. The layers can be in any position, overlapping or with unlimited scales. Supports features like image capture, layer settings, layer rotation, and more. All of this helps you to get creative and create a captivating visual effect. True 4k - show every pixel in its desired beauty the h series achieves true 4k signal collection, processing and output (4k x 2k @ 60hz, rgb 4: 4: 4, 10-bit). High image quality: rebuilds the original vision support for hdr, transmission of wide color gamut, high contrast and abundant colors, all of them provide more detail in both light and shadow. redundant power supply two high-quality redundant power supplies ensure stable operation throughout the course of your entire application