PANT. HOLOSCREEN 132X234 16:9_0

Ref: 10730130 Projecta

Holographic rear projection screen in acrylic base particularly suitable for projection in retail stores , storefronts , banks and other high traffic areas. If you are not proyectoando can see through. It requires controlled light intensity. The screen is suspended due to a lower frame ysuperior to hang from steel cables. It requires a projection at an angle between 18-35 degrees.

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Brand: Projecta
Kind: Film
Location: Ceiling
Format: 16:9
Size ( height x width ) (cm ): 135x234
Screen width (cm . ): 234
Visible area ( h x w ) (cm . ): 132x234
Projection surface: Overhead projection
Projection surfaces available: Base acrílica holográfica
Back in black: No
Drop black top: No
Black borders: No
Warranty (years ): 2