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Ref: 2200-85980-101 Poly

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4870-85980-112- premier, one year, poly studio x30

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poly studio x30
Is a video conferencing bar for small meeting rooms (up to 4 people). This all-in-one video conferencing solution with a particularly elegant design has all the necessary elements (microphones, camera) to organize high-quality remote meetings, as if you were there. You can also easily share documents without additional applications by simply connecting your device to the poly studio x30 network. It can be connected to the poly tc8 for remote control. Thanks to its 4k camera and its 120 ° coverage area, regardless of the room configuration, all participants will be comfortable and visible. For added dynamism, the speaker tracking system, along with beam-directed microphones, automatically zooms in on the speaker and adjusts the field according to the number of speakers in the meeting room. These beam microphones directional are also extremely effective at reducing unwanted noise and capturing voices, so you'll enjoy perfect sound recording throughout the room. Poly studio x30 uses the display or room speakers, depending on your preference, for natural, high-quality rendering.

does not include remote control,nor can the tc8 control panelbe ordered separately:

2201-52885-001 - remote control g7500, studio x30-x50