Ref: SEQ-1216I SurgeX

SurgeX Sequencers provide the sequencing parameters, conditioning, shutdown thresholds, and surge protection needed to protect audio, video, broadcast, and IT equipment. These units have robust management features and are extremely easy to install, program, and use. They include two always-on receptacles and four programmable banks. SEQ models feature a virtual bank to control remote units, allowing distribution schemes to be infinitely expanded.

They are designed with Advanced Series Mode surge suppression technologies to provide superior protection. Superior to conventional MOV circuits or MOV-Hybrid designs, they completely eliminate surge energy up to 6,000 volts without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common mode disturbances. With completely no sacrifices and no reboot required, they provide the most reliable protection available. Our sequencers also feature impedance tolerant EMI/RFI filtering in both common and normal mode, SurgeX ICE (Inrush Current Elimination), and COUVS (Catastrophic Overvoltage/Undervoltage Shutdown) for a complete power conditioning solution.