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TrauluxDS a solution to add content to your monitors in a simple and easy way

Traulux is pleased to present its new cloud software for TrauluxDS Digital Signage, a multiplatform CMS that adapts perfectly to screens and incorporates the utilities most demanded by the market.

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Committed to education

Given the complicated situation we are currently experiencing, we know that education also has the great challenge of continuing at a distance and online, so we leave you our grain of sand to help teachers in their work.

A platform with completely free tools and resources from our partners related to new collaborative technologies for education.

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We present you Novo Ecosystem

If you want to integrate wireless streaming on ANY screen and ANY room by ANY person, there is only one way to do it: with Vivitek's NovoConnect. Simple. Guaranteed.

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Integrated logistics service itself. Material deliveries in 48-72 hours to anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula, either in your store or in your final customer.

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It is our goal that your company has a credit limit that ensures smooth and well off business relationship.

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Our priority: the customer. We have a team - oriented customer service. We serve effectively and specialized doubts and needs

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Own shortcut service to our customers. We have the best professionals for advice you need.

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Broad portfolio of products in stock to cover all the needs for AV installations. AV integrated development projects.

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Long career that consolidates us in the sector.