Ref: CH157-077105-01 Christie

Christie® pandoras box® v8 is the ideal software solution for your multimedia requirements. Whether you are working in fixed installation applications, live corporate events, or architectural and artistic installations such as museums and theaters, the pandoras box v8 combines professional features in a high-performance and affordable platform. Simpler, more powerful. One license to do it all.
The christie® pandoras box® software license redefines real-time editing and playback control. This software allows synchronization and remote control of all pandoras box systems over the network integrated sequences with its cue and key-frame based timeline interface allow you to control pandoras box servers as well as interact with everything type of external controllers through tcp/ip, serial rs-232/422, smpte, dmx, art- net, analog and digital industrial sensors. The pandoras box software license acts as a master and remote file manager, synchronizing any connected client system with sub-box precision for demanding applications.
There are an unlimited number of video layers available to be programmed and organized quickly and easily. Countless easy-to-use dynamic effects as well as 8k playback make the software license a powerful tool for creative design and projection. This software solution can be configured as a standalone playback device, network playback client, or used in console mode for direct dmx control. Combining christie servers or custom hardware along with a corresponding software license, the scalable system is always perfectly tailored to your specific needs.
Similar to standard composition and non-linear editing software solutions, the project-oriented user interface is quick and easy to learn. The pandoras box system offers a single user interface that enables quick setup and programming workflow. Multiple users can collaborate to efficiently create a perfect show together. The interface is context sensitive and optimized for live applications, as well as unmanaged fixed installations that are constantly running.
The system is open for multiple input protocols and offers easy and direct access to all controls. Individual view layouts allow you to organize the interface according to your needs by creating new images.