Ref: TC3-PK Vision

Techconnect tc3 junction box designed especially for audiovisual component installers. This tc3-pk version is a complete av connection box kit. Includes: standard rear case for wall installation, front frame, hdmi module, vga module with 3. 5 mm audio, usb b module (rear a) and two blind modules. Cables not included, are ordered separately in cable kits or loose. There are also tc3-pk box kits with cable kits.

- new version techconnect tc3 improved
- most universal box kit in a single product
- surface mounting box
- supports 5 module of 1 space
- module included: hdmi, vga + audio 3.5 mm, usb b and three blind modules

features new techconnect tc3 range

improved fit and finish
More space behind the modules to store the cables, as well as gaps between the narrower and more uniform modules.

matte white
Pure white with a chiselled profile, offers a flat space of 11 mm above and below the connectors to incorporate informative stickers or company branding.

greater resistance
Shorter modules and more ribs to reduce flexing of the module. In those parts where bending is convenient to avoid breaking, abs plastic is used.

screw-in modules
The modules have a tongue that engages in the frame at the bottom and then simply twist the pre-installed screws a couple of times to fix the modules in place.

passive and active modules
Vision offers adapter modules for audiovisual, computer and professional audio applications, as well as active usb amplifiers or hdmi, vga and usb signal extenders via cat6 cables. You can even install a powerful sound amplification module or a universal controller module together with the connection modules. The faceplate is always at hand and holds firmly in place.

Brand: Vision
Type: Superficie
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Brand: Vision
Construction: Plastic
Modules: HDMI, VGA con audio, 3.5 mm, USB B, 3 x módulos sin uso
Cables: No incluidos
Colour: White
Dimensions ( mm ): 150 x 106 x 53
Warranty (years ): Garantía de por vida (desde marzo 2017)