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Cookies policy

On the website of Charmex International SA we use what is known as 'cookies'. We use this technology in order to provide better service while providing better navigation on our website.
First we will explain, a cookie and serving and the types of cookies that are used and for what purpose:
A "cookie" is a small file that is stored on the computer, Tablet, Smartphone or device that accesses user with navigational information. With the set of "cookies" of users who visit us, we can improve the quality of our website, knowing which pages of it that are more popular and therefore more useful or can be improved.
In no case cookies are a virus or can harm your computer.
Own cookie:
Sent from our servers or domains from which the service is provided published in our pages
Third - party cookie:
Google Analytics. It helps us to measure how users interact with the site content. When a user browses pages , Google Analytics provides information on the site using JavaScript tags (libraries) to record information about the page you viewed a user, for example, the URL of the page and the product.
In no case will cookies to store information to identify the person using the Web site. The use of "cookies" is exclusively reserved to provide the user accessibility Web site.
The use session cookies (deleted when you close the browser), if used, should only be limited to gathering technical information to identify the session in order to facilitate the safe and efficient exploration of the web site.