Event Solutions

Event Solutions
Charmex's extensive experience in providing high-tech solutions for events allows us to cover all the required audiovisual needs, with the associated integration teams, in order to present you with a global solution. When planning a live event there are certain aspects to consider that will be a priority for the successful execution of the event.

Basically we can define 5 large groups of equipment, the correct choice of which will be decisive:

Group of displays: made up of the devices that will be used to display the content at the event, such as LED screens, monitors, projectors.
Group of sources: such as cameras, content players / servers, viewers, computers, are the devices that house the content to be shown on the displays.

Processing: equipment that relates and manages the input signals with the group of displays.

Connectivity and Conversion Group: They help interconnect and convert
cross-team format.

Audio group: from the public address system to the different sources.

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