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Education solutions

Education solutions
The possibilities of interactive technological solutions allow the development of new teaching methods, stimulating participation and facilitating learning, inside and outside the classroom.

In the educational environment, Charmex provides interactive monitors to improve the teaching experience and satisfy the needs that may arise in the classroom, integrating the maximum number of functions.

The need to have hybrid solutions, to maintain a close relationship with students in distance education of the same quality as in face-to-face, leads us to integrate videoconferencing systems adapted to the classroom, easy to use and great features.
It is a solution that allows classes to be taught in a blended way with excellent audio and video quality, where the teacher only has to focus on giving his class.

4K cameras , with speaker tracking and hands-free audio systems, allow lessons to be captured clearly so that students outside the classroom understand the session, listen and be heard without barriers.

Our selection of Education solutions