Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions
Many companies in different sectors have crisis and control rooms for the purpose of monitoring and supervising a large physical area, industrial processes, surveillance, etc ...

They are demanding installations, which must withstand 24/7 use, so they need reliable and quality audiovisual solutions and systems. Without a doubt, the most important part of a control room is the viewing area.

Charmex offers a wide range of options, both in professional monitors to make videowall configurations, as in high resolution LED screens with a wide viewing angle that allow a perfect view from anywhere in the Control Room.
Another key piece of equipment in the operation of a control room is the processor that will manage the input and output signals with the possibility that the operators can handle it easily and quickly.

High-quality PTZ cameras allow monitoring inside and outside the room.

The extenders and fiber cabling are useful to maintain the quality of content over long distances, as well as IP video , which allows sending both audio, network and data images through the same network cable, for remote monitoring in real time.

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