A tool to integrate phones and tablets in class

The CleverShare 2 system, available on the Clevertouch interactive screens distributed by Charmex, is an all-in-one integrated solution for collaborative work environments compatible with mobile devices and computers.

Published in Education 3.0

The possibility for students to share their work and use simple collaboration tools generates a very favorable collaborative environment on a day-to-day basis. Thus, and for this process to be a success, teachers need solutions that are simple and reliable and compatible with all existing platforms: Android and iOS in the case of tablets and mobile phones, and Windows, MacOS and Chrome for computers. It is also important that these tools are updated automatically to ensure their compatibility in the future against possible changes.

Finally, and for the collaboration system to work in the classroom, the faculty must have the possibility to take control of the system and choose at all times what works will be projected on the main screen of the classroom (or interactive monitor) so that all the students comment.
A tool to integrate phones and tablets in class

Promoting collaboration

Clevershare 2, the system that is integrated in all the families of the interactive monitors of   Clevertouch - distributed in our country by Charmex - have all these characteristics.

Designed to work with any device, allows students to share and broadcast content on the screen, or make notes and captures on what is projected. It also includes the 'moderator' mode used to manage the permissions that allow or not to project content in the interactive monitor.

The Clevershare2 system (which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Chrome) supports up to four simultaneous projections. Along with the images and sounds, transmits a tactile point in the case of Windows or MacOS operating systems, being able to control the computers of four students from a Clevertouch monitor.

Teachers can manage everything from their tablet if they prefer to move around the classroom or control what happens from the last row so that the protagonism falls on the students who are using the interactive monitor.

Cómo compartir contenido

Las funciones de este sistema incluyen, por otro lado, la posibilidad de guardar los archivos de trabajo en cuentas almacenadas la nube, incluyendo Google Drive y Microsoft OneDrive. Y como existe una opción de correo integrada, es posible enviar por e-mail las notas de las lecciones que se imparten. Incluso escanear un código QR en pantalla para recibir capturas directamente en los dispositivos móviles  utilizados. En el siguiente vídeo, se explica cómo hacerlo:


En este otro vídeo, podéis comprobar cómo funciona Clevershare 2: