An integrated solution that enhances remote and blended teaching / Present

This kit includes a ChromeBox (a Chrome OS computer in the form of a small box), a pen display and a video conferencing bar, making it ideal for hybrid education.

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Hybrid or blended classes , in which some students are virtually and others in person in the classroom, have become a common alternative in schools, universities, academies and institutes. To help these centers, the distribution firm Charmex has presented a new version of its integrated solution for this type of teaching: it is a three-in-one kit based on the Chrome OS cloud operating system that is aimed at users of Google Workspace.

A computer, pen display, and video conferencing bar
Charmex's proposal consists of a ChromeBox device (a Chrome OS computer in the form of a small box), an interactive monitor and a videoconference bar.

The heart of this proposal is the ChromeBox CBx2 from the North American company CTL , which is equipped with an Intel Celeron 5205U processor and 4 GB of RAM. It can handle content in 4K and, due to its characteristics, is ideal for use with interactive monitors within the Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education ecosystems. In addition, it gives access to the Google Play store thanks to its GMS certification.

The interactive monitor proposed by Charmex for this kit belongs to the Traulux brand. It is the TLM80-1 series available in three sizes (65, 75 and 86 inches). Equipped with 4K LED panels, the displays are made of metal and allow up to 40 simultaneous touches. Likewise, teachers during class development can add annotations, resize objects or use tools such as freehand cropping or the color cloner (pencil and blackboard background).

Although the range includes a support for the wall, the mobile support SMMI-LINE-VC is optionally available, which facilitates the transfer of the screens thanks to its four wheels (two of them with safety brake included). This mobile stand has, on the other hand, a mechanism that allows easy adjustment to the desired height, cable organizer and height-adjustable upper tray for a video conference camera.

On the other hand, the Poly Studio camera USB auto-track 4K videoconference bar, which connects via USB to the ChromeBox, has several in-line array microphones and the 'Noise Block' noise cancellation system: it captures up to 4 voices. 5 meters away and eliminates annoying background noise.
It also offers several display modes and tracks the teacher with a close-up, although it can be left in a fixed plane as well. In the event that a conversation is established, it is possible to program both parties to be displayed at the same time. As the camera of this video conferencing bar is not integrated into the monitor frame, it can be placed in the most suitable place in the classroom according to the needs of each classroom.

A video tutorial to know how to configure the kit
The Charmex team has prepared the following video tutorial where it is explained how to configure the ChromeBox with the interactive monitor and thus get the most out of it.

For more information or to answer any questions, the distributor makes this contact form available to schools, institutes, universities and academies.