At the forefront of business communication

At the forefront of business communication
If last year we experienced a growth in videoconferences and virtual meetings due to the need to communicate without physical contact or travel, this 2021 could be considered a year of transition where we have seen how to implement hybrid environments to help us return safely, that each user has been adjusting or refining according to their needs. Models such as hybrid work, blended education, streaming or hybrid events provide flexibility to collaborate no matter where the team, employees, students or attendees are located. Charmex has been accompanying resellers since 1986 to strengthen those digital communication channels based on intuitive, collaborative and easy-to-use technology, always hand in hand with its comprehensive service. From equipment for workstations for collaborative classrooms or solutions with visual technologies such as digital signage integrated with QR and equipment for live broadcasts or hybrid events, which are the solutions demanded by users.

In the IT Reseller December special you will find:
  • Report: "Keys that will mark the evolution of the channel in 2022"
  • Opinion platform: " Accompanying the channel also in the new trends"
  • And many more...