Charmex advocates for maximum collaboration in the classroom

The Charmex offer includes everything from monitors to projectors, through devices that encourage collaboration and accessories such as sound systems and document cameras.

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The wide range of solutions offered by Charmex International has been extended with the new interactive Starboard monitors , which incorporate an anti-reflective and ultra-gliding crystal. Thanks to its whiteboard software, shortcuts to the different functions remain on the sides of the monitor frame itself, while allowing up to 10 touches on its surface.

Clevertouch interactive displays have also been renewed with the V 4K series, which improves the robustness, reliability and tactile precision of the previous generation by integrating Android 5.1. In addition, this operating system provides a higher speed when working with pre-installed applications, opening files or playing a video from the Internet . On the other hand, it incorporates a file sharing and remote control function, while the Clevershare application shares content from a PC, Mac or Android and iOS mobile devices.

Charmex advocates for maximum collaboration in the classroom

Interactive projections

Regarding the projectors, the Hitachi CPTW2505 model creates images on walls or blackboards and gives them interactive capacity that, together with the FT01 accessory, becomes tactile. For its part, Hitachi LPWX / WU3500 uses LED technology that improves the quality of color and contrast of images, ensuring a use of 20,000 hours. Vivitek has ultra-short distance projectors to obtain a large image a few centimeters from the wall, with laser technology that allows use for 20,000 hours without maintenance or lamp replacement. Available with WXGA and Full HD resolution.

To improve the sound of the classroom and the voice of the teacher or sound resources are much better, the dealer proposes the Pentaclass Rune all-in-one system . Along with this add-on, it has the ELMO cameras and viewers that, through a rotating system, allow to capture any scene and display it with a resolution of up to 4K ; the eBeam Smart Marker device, allows the sending of annotations with a dry erase marker on a whiteboard, to any PC or mobile device, regardless of its location, in real time; and the range of mobile cabinets for storing and loading Traulux laptops and tablets made of steel and with ventilation system.

Charmex advocates for maximum collaboration in the classroom


Thanks to Vivitek's Novoconnect and NovoPRO wireless devices, the computers, tablets and telephones of teachers and students connect without wires to the projector or the monitor class, also offering the option of collaboration and file sharing. Likewise, the voting or exam mode allows the teacher to send questions to the students to answer from their own device and then generate a report of the responses of each one automatically.