Charmex brings Novastar's new LED processing and control solutions to Spain and Portugal

The new range of LED processors, video management processors and control consoles of Novastar is already available in Spain and Portugal exclusively through Charmex.

Published in: Audiovisual Panorama
Every day more televisions use in their sets numerous displays that make up a stage with great audiovisual weight.

As these facilities become more complex, having a good processor and controller is essential. In response to this demand, Charmex brings to the Spanish and Portuguese market the latest solutions from the manufacturer Novastar .

The most outstanding novelty is the LED processor MCTRL660 Pro , successor to the popular MCTRL660 . This sending card for LED displays offers zero latency and 3G-SDI, HDMI, HDBase and DVI connectivity, which makes it very versatile and ideal for the broadcast market.

It has six Gigabit Ethernet outputs for the configuration of LED screens, an especially important feature in line with the current trend of using LED screens with a smaller pitch and higher resolution, which makes it necessary to have a greater number of ports for their configuration. It also has optical signal transmission to configure screens located at a long distance from the control.

The MCTRL660 Pro is powerful and flexible and enhances the impressive resolution of its predecessor, now offering 1600 × 1200 @ 60Hz at 12 bits of color depth. It also supports web control via TCP / IP, as well as the Art-Net protocol. Another very important feature is the image that allows you to cloned image on a second LED screen.

Signal Management

Another innovation of Novastar presented by Charmex is the N9 video processor , which reinforces the recent entry of the Asian manufacturer in the signal management market. The N9 expands the connectivity and signal management capacity of its predecessor, the J6 , increasing the number of inputs and outputs, and being able to generate a screen of 15360 × 600 pixels. It has nine entries in different formats that can work up to 4K resolutions (3840 × 2160 to 60 hertz).

It allows to have up to seven layers of picture in picture on screen and to work with four pre-outs and four program exits, which makes it ideal for any live event, as well as for auditoriums or control rooms.

It also allows you to create a total of 16 user presets and save them as templates. It also provides various transition effects, and features an intuitive LCD screen on the front panel to simplify the operation of the system. Supports Genlock synchronization, as well as synchronization with any input source.

Charmex also presents the Novastar C1 console , specially designed for the brand's video processing products, such as the N9, which is mainly used to control live events. It can control up to 16 devices simultaneously, and you have two LCD touch screens, one to launch the presets and the other to configure the show.

It is designed with a joystick and a T-Bar. The joystick is used to precisely adjust the size and position of the layers. The T-Bar supports the adjustment of 1024 levels of transparency of layers, controlling with precision the effects of transition of presets and switched PVW / PGM. It supports 13 transition effects as well as adjustments in the duration of the transition. It also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the joystick. All these features make the C1 to very easy to operate console.

To present these new Novastar solutions to its distribution channel, Charmex plans to hold a series of product presentation and training events in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon in October and November, which will be announced shortly.