Charmex displays a complete visual and interactive projection proposal for the classroom Education SIMO 2015 / Events

Charmex displays a complete visual and interactive projection proposal for the classroom Education SIMO 2015
Published in DigitalAV ** ** Solutions for education sector as interactive monitors Clevertouch, pan up to 3,300 lumens projector Hitachi or collaboration system Vivitek are the main proposals this supplier B2B SIMO Education shows in 2015.

Under the premise of providing interactive solutions to develop new teaching methods more dynamic and collaborative, in offering Charmex their participation in SIMO 2015 Education focuses on interactive monitors signature Clevertouch such as V and Plus Series offer up to ten touch points, infrared sensors, and integration of the Android operating system and processor to work without having to connect a computer.

Made with anti-reflective glass, these systems offer full HD resolution (1080p), integrated speakers and USB connections for Android and PC, RJ45 and WiFi (in the Plus systems) to work 24 × 7 continuous operation without interruption. The Clevertouch interactive displays are completed with the annotation software Android CleverNote and the Snowflake multitouch system, developed by the company.

In the education environment projectors LCD models include ultra short distance from Hitachi CP-TW2503 and CP-TW3003, incorporating FT01 (optional) touch sensors to detect activity on the screen and not offer only static images.

With XGA / WXGA and brightness lumens 2700-3300, these systems have to foster collaboration in the classroom with Hitachi Starboard software so that students can interact with the material presented on the screen.

Another new feature offered by Charmex comes from the hand of Vivitek and its filing system and wireless collaboration NovoConnect to engage students through their devices (PC, Mac, tablets, Smartphone,) in the presentations made in class or in conference rooms.

The Vivitek NovoConnect solution includes Android and annotation features, viewing and sending videos and voting.

To mark the event, Charmex offers promotions such as SIMO Interactive Kit, which includes interactive blackboard Hitachi FX79, CX300 projector short distance, Traulux TSUS2 support for PDI, box TR-200 cable connections to pack 10 m. Active 2x15W Trautech and this same signature as well as interactive monitors Clevertouch V Series 65 "or Hitachi also FHD 65" with wall mount PLB-35L speakers.

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