Charmex intensifies its expansion in Latin America

Charmex intensifies its expansion in Latin America
Published in Latin America AVI ** ** After a period of introduction, development and expansion of business activities in some of the major markets of South America, the B2B value, Charmex supplier, it has Announced That ITS Increase presence in the Americas.
Charmex started a few years ago a process of international expansion following a strategy not only addresses That the Latin American markets but Also to other European Countries.
"Internationally, we are Developing Several actions Aimed at Strengthening the presence of Charmex in the country clubs of Colombia, Where our headquarters, followed by Peru and Mexico, moving to supply products and service to any point of Latin American geography in the near future," Said Santiago Verdú, CEO of Charmex.
From a logistical point of view, the head of Charmex states That over the past year the company has established two distribution centers: one in Colombia, in order to locally meet demand, while a second store Charmex is in it located in Miami to supply the rest of South American Countries.
In order to publicize the firm in Latin American Countries, Charmex Participates in The most important events related to professional audiovisual technology. "In early November will go to the second edition of TecnoMultimedia Infocomm in Bogota (Colombia), the Most Important audiovisual meeting of Latin America, and will be present Charmex reinforcing the presence at the event," Announced Santiago Verdu.
Along With the creation of Charmex Latam, the value provider B2B is Finalizing the development of a webiste Aimed Exclusively at AV professionals That area through Which will Provide information on all products sold, and will serve ITS distribution channel With the purpose of Establishing a relationship of e-commerce in the near future.
Specifically, it distributed in South America Charmex video projection Vivitek products, as well as The entire line of interactive displays for classrooms and Clevertouch Addition con sus empresas en software solutions. Similarly, the company markets advanced systems Evoko room booking, wePresent and Novoconnect collaboration solutions, systems management and connectivity signal TrauTech, and all kinds of audiovisual furniture That will share space TRAULUX With the Evolved screens.
In Addition, Charmex available to international markets development capacity infrastructure and turnkey projects related to audiovisual solutions distributed from all Departments Charmex: Interactive digital classrooms, Displays and Stands Furniture AV Audiovisual Systems polyvalent professional control, audio and microphones, and a wide range of connectivity devices .

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