Charmex is committed to internationalization with the launch of its Traulux brand

Charmex is committed to internationalization with the launch of its Traulux brand
Barcelona, September 10, 2019.- Charmex, B2B reference provider of the audiovisual sector, is pleased to present its brand of audiovisual solutions Traulux, which has a complete range of products that respond to the needs of customers more and more demanding.

As they point out from the company, "Traulux is the solution that Charmex chooses for its customers." It is the evolution for internationalization, the result of the knowledge acquired after working more than 30 years with the most prestigious brands in the international audiovisual sector.

Under the motto Beyond Today, Beyond us , Traulux is presented as the innovative and competitive technology alternative. "Because we think about the needs of the future" Beyond Today ", and because we want to reach everyone" Beyond Us "," they explain.

The new brand image has a fresh design, highlighting the X that is formed from the four main axes that represent its essential values: knowledge, experience, customer focus and teamwork.

With that premise, Traulux offers a complete experience. They adapt to customer needs to optimize projects from start to finish, thanks to its R&D team and after-sales technical service, the added value of Traulux.

Among its offer we can highlight solutions such as interactive monitors, displays for Digital Signage and Smart Smart TVs that have a 3 year warranty.

In addition to Led panels for Rental, Outdoor and Indoor Installation, competitive technology to make the projects of each of its clients profitable, without neglecting quality and flexibility according to the needs demanded.

To complement its portfolio, and along the lines of offering a complete experience, Traulux provides signal management solutions, projection screens, audio and media.

All the information of the Traulux and its full range of products is available on the website.
To publicize in detail the possibilities offered by Traulux, Charmex plans a webinar on October 24 at 4 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), its product managers will explain the display solutions; Registration is free and available at .