Charmex presents NovaWorld NovaStar Spain 2017 from NovaStar

The traveling event NovaWorld Tour Spain 2017 will stop in Madrid. It will be held from ten in the morning to two in the afternoon at the Charmex office (Charmex Green Building). The people who want to attend must confirm to the email

Published in DigitalAV Magazine.

The NovaWorld Tour Spain 2017, an itinerant event that NovaStar performs in different capitals of the world to present its latest developments, success stories , strategy, future plans and trends, will be held at the Charmex offices in Madrid on November 30th. market

NovaWorld Tour is aimed at integrators, renters, audiovisual engineering companies and integration of control rooms, broadcasters and any professional who works on projects where LED screens are used.

NovaStar focuses its activity on the development of control solutions for LED displays. A large part of the Led screens that are currently sold with controlled electronics of this brand. Its products include processors, climbers and calibration systems, as well as cloud solutions for content management and screen monitoring in real time.

Fruit of the agreement Strategic exclusive distribution and brand development in the Iberian Peninsula that Charmex and NovaStar signed in 2016, the NovaWorld Tour will be held for the first time in Spain and will take place at the Charmex Green Building in Madrid.

The event, which this year has the motto 'Visualize your imagination', will be attended by some NovaStar executives who will attend exclusively for the occasion, such as Evelyn Shang, Business Relationship Manager and, in the technical part, Stan Ni, Technical Engineer , which will present the different novelties, as well as other representatives of the different areas of the company.

On behalf of Charmex will intervene Santiago Verdú, general director of the company, Rubén Sánchez, responsible for the Display Department, Txep Calzada, head of Led Product, and Felix Iñigo, product manager of NovaStar in Charmex

Charmex presents NovaWorld NovaStar Spain 2017 from NovaStar
Charmex presents NovaWorld NovaStar Spain 2017 from NovaStar
Charmex presents NovaWorld NovaStar Spain 2017 from NovaStar

"In the event you will be able to see first-hand the latest news that NovaStar has developed to perform itself as a leader in the field of equipment for the configuration and control of LED displays in order to adapt to the need to create screens of greater format and high resolutions ", explains Félix Iñigo.

In this year's event NovaStar will present the new Low Latency range, which includes the S1 sending card, the 4K J6 scaler and the new TR100 receiving card. This line, specially designed for applications where low latency between image and audio is vital, is one of the great novelties for 2018 and will position the brand as one of the best solution for developers in control rooms and broadcast environments.

The new Smart LCT configuration software available for Windows and Mac platforms will also be presented, with which the company has taken a step forward in the configuration of screens, creating a more graphic, dynamic and intuitive interface.

The new Phobos Series will be another one of the remarkable novelties that will be shown at the event. It is a range of Led processors and receiver specially designed for the rental sector, where the need to create spectacular and large screens has led the brand to the creation of the new MCTRL4K sending cards (with the ability to design screens Led with resolution 3,840 × 2,160 pixels at 60Hz and 16 outputs) and R5 (with capacity for resolutions of 3,840 × 1,080 and with free rotation of the Led panel to create endless possibilities for creative displays). All this is complemented by the new A8S receiver card.

"From Charmex's Displays department we get involved in the development of each project, in which NovaStar has a fundamental and important role. Our fundamental values ​​are pre-sales and after-sales advice, as well as a fast and efficient technical service specialized in the brand so that our clients feel supported at all times in their projects, "says Txep Calzada.