Charmex reached a strategic agreement with the manufacturer of LED drivers NovaStar

Charmex has signed an agreement with NovaStar to distribute in Spain and Portugal products of this Asian developer control systems for LED displays, a standard for most LED display manufacturers worldwide.

Charmex reached a strategic agreement with the manufacturer of LED drivers NovaStar
NovaStar is a world leader in control solutions for LED displays. This means that the vast majority of those currently markets LED display is equipped with the control electronics of this brand. NovaStar products for LED displays include processors, climbers and calibration systems and solutions for monitoring cloud circuits screens in real time.

The agreement with NovaStar is part of the strategy Charmex enhance its offer LED solutions to deliver a more complete solution to its customers that include not only screens but also software, hardware and all kinds of accessories.

"The agreement with NovaStar is just one of our strong commitment to the LED market to provide all products and services that our customers need to test their projects , " says Santiago Verdú, CEO of Charmex. "This world - renowned brand will enable us to tackle projects of any size with simple solutions and high quality control , " he added.

Meanwhile, Marco van der Knaap, executive director of NovaStar Europe, says: "We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Charmex, a company with an immensely clear vision of market and industry trends, and has a structure very professional and organized. "

The inclusion of NovaStar to catalog Charmex result in a clear benefit for customers who may have access to a full range of LED solutions and take on new projects. "Being able to offer our customers directly products NovaStar allow us to provide a pre post higher and faster sales service and, with better advice on the LED solutions that best suit their needs , " says Ruben Sanchez , head of department Display Charmex.
Charmex reached a strategic agreement with the manufacturer of LED drivers NovaStar
Charmex reached a strategic agreement with the manufacturer of LED drivers NovaStar
Txep Calzada, head of LED Product in Charmex, adds: "NovaStar is the leading brand of software for LED displays, who sets the tone for how they work internally screens and who is in permanent contact with most of the manufacturers. We may have a more direct feedback and have first - hand information on market trends and the evolution of displays, information that we can use to benefit our customers. "

Within the portfolio of solutions NovaStar highlights the processor LED display with HD NOVAPRO climber. In addition to its function as a controller, it provides a powerful front-end processing, which is no longer requires external scaler. It has built and meets the requirements of the broadcast industry in terms of image quality and professional monitoring interfaces.

Another important products in their portfolio is their calibration system for LED displays. Adjust the color and brightness of the screen evenly once. Once confirmed the position of the camera calibration system will automatically adjust the camera aperture, exposure time and brightness of the display until the images meet the conditions of calibration analysis. It also allows all cubes calibrated before leaving the factory so that, when assembled randomly, the LED display as a whole can offer high brightness and color uniformity.

Novastar products have been used in world - class events like the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and Beijing 2008 and Shanghai World Expo 2010, among many others. In addition, the company has earned numerous awards for excellence for its technological innovations.