Charmex shows the complete AV signal processing chain

The B2B wholesaler organizes an open day at its headquarters in Barcelona to exhibit the management and control solutions of its represented brands

Barcelona, ​​October 9, 2017.-

Charmex is pleased to announce the opening of its AV Pro Open Days at its headquarters in Barcelona to show the latest developments in signal management and AV control of brands such as Sony , Christie , RGBlink , Gefen , WePresent , IDK , Neets and Vivitek .

The event, which will take place on October 17, 18 and 19, will be a unique opportunity to see in action the entire AV signal processing chain, from the source, through routing, processing and distribution, to control and presentation.

"The usual thing at these events is to independently display the different product categories that make up the phases of signal processing, or to set up independent events with the same purpose," explains Miquel Tresserras, technical manager of Charmex AV Projects.

"So the unpublished of these days is that we are going to exhibit for the first time in Spain in an integrated way all the elements that we need to treat a video signal, finally giving this subject the importance it deserves. Attendees will also appreciate the value that ergonomics can have in AV installations, which is nothing more than the ease of using technology in a comfortable and pleasant way, "he adds.

Open days are of special interest for integration, rental and audiovisual engineering companies that will be able to know and verify in practice the applications and advantages of the wide range of signal management solutions that Charmex will show in its showroom in Barcelona.

"This is an essential event for any company in the audiovisual sector, as we are at a time when the signal processing has acquired a huge importance that everyone working in this environment should know," says Tresserras. "Without cement, you can not build a wall, and the signal is the basic building block from which to design any AV circuit," he adds.

Charmex shows the complete AV signal processing chain
Charmex shows the complete AV signal processing chain

The event will also serve Charmex to launch its new distribution agreement with Sony Professional Solutions Europe . In this way, the conference will be able to see the robotized cameras and video mixers of the Japanese brand that now distributes Charmex.

Neets and RGBlink AV drivers , Gefen distribution solutions, wePresent and Vivitek ( NovoConnect ) wireless presentation systems, the IDK 4K 60 Hz 4: 4: 4 IP video solution will also be shown.

And Christie's video processing and content management tools, including Pandoras Box 6.0, have just won the Best Video Management Product of the Year award at the 2017 AV Awards and Phoenix. There will also be an introduction to the new Christie Spyder X80 and Christie Terra.

This open-door AV Pro event will take place on 17, 18 and 19 October from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the showroom of Charmex in Barcelona (Calle Maresme 103-105). People who want to attend must confirm attendance at

Charmex shows the complete AV signal processing chain
Charmex shows the complete AV signal processing chain