Charmex strengthens its presence in the market of LED screens / Events

Charmex strengthens its presence in the market of LED screens
The company enhances its offer for LED sectors of rental and fixed installation, and announces the completion of the second edition of his event open LED Week.
Charmex has reaffirmed its confidence in the market LED large format screens with the creation of a new specialized unit within the company division, incorporation of new brands of LED displays to its portfolio and active participation in various fairs, including the celebration this month the second edition of his days LED Week. Within this new strategy, the company will place special emphasis on the development of LED market for fixed installations.

If 2013 marked the entry of Charmex in the LED market with a focus on the rental sector, in 2016 the company has set as one of its priorities to enhance its offering of LED solutions for indoor facilities and consolidate its proposal for the rental market.

One of the first steps in this direction has been the reorganization of the department that will unify markets Display monitors and LED displays. "We believe that soon the LED product gain market share and coexist in parallel with the LCD, so we thought we had to work the product from the same department Display" said Ruben Sanchez, head of that unit.

Charmex joined the team Display to Txep Calzada, renowned professional in the field of integration with extensive experience in major projects fixed installation. Txep will be responsible for business development of LED installation company. "The experience in the sector Txep installation will be of great help to better interpret the needs that integrators when selecting products and launch their projects," said Ruben Sanchez.

"We want to offer our integrators all products and services they need for their projects of our hand, not only with a large range of LED displays but also with software, hardware and all kinds of accessories," says Txep Calzada. "So we are working to expand our portfolio of solutions and offer a complete and safe for our clients' premises solution," he added.

Charmex is already marketing the LED solutions brands such as Umilumin and Ledman, which offer screens for both the rental sector and for fixed installation where high image quality and a high resolution is required. "But we are closing new agreements with different manufacturers in order to expand our catalog and offer a variety of LED panels for the different needs of our customers," said Ruben Sanchez.

The momentum Charmex is giving the LED market is also reflected in its growing presence in various fairs in the audiovisual sector in setting out this technology. The company will participate for the first time in Afial , lounge sound, lighting and audiovisual technologies that will take place from 26 to 28 April at the Madrid Arena Pavilion House. And it repeated its participation in Broadcast Bit, which this year will be held from 24 to 26 May at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.

Closer in time, namely on 8 and 9 March in Madrid and 16 and 17 of the same month in Barcelona, ​​Charmex held the second edition of his days LED Week, after the success they had those in September. This is an event open to present the latest developments in LED large format panels for the professional market rental and installation. The conference will be held at the offices of Madrid and Barcelona Charmex from 10:00 to 18:00.

Among the products to be showcased during these days LED Week highlights outdoor 5.9 pixel pitch, screens for rental Upad of Unilumin in models 4.8 and that allow concave screens and convex and come with all accessories for mounting rigging / stacking and on the floor. They offer a high refresh rate up to 3840 Hz, producing a dazzling performance image.

Another solution to display, Unilumin manufacturer also will be the Utile range for rental with pixel pitch of 3.9 and 2.6. As Felix Inigo, technical specialist Audiovisual Design Projects Charmex, "these models are becoming the industry standard for events, conferences and presentations," he explains. It is super thin, lightweight and easy to install panels for quick assembly and disassembly, and also include a complete kit of accessories.

LED attendees Week will also see the Trauled Curtain panel with 9 and 18 mm pitch, aimed at big events and to create structures LED projection can be easily installed without tools.

For fixed installation indoor LED screen Unilumin Uslim, lightweight and super thin, with front and rear double maintenance and quick replacement of modules will be presented in 10 seconds. Unilumin also can be seen Uglass creative display, a transparent LED traslucir allowing natural light, widely used in shop windows and digital signage, as well as Ultra HD LED panel without bevel Upanel 1.5.

Trauled Flex panels also form part of LED Week as one of the few LED modules market for fixed installations that allow curved shapes. With low weight and almost without limitations of curvature, they are an ideal solution to attract attention, considering that the trends that are turning the market for digital signage go through getting increasingly spectacular displays.

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