Charmex Tour Education 2019, technology at the service of education

On February 28 starts the tour 'Charmex Education 2019 Tour', a free meeting that runs through different cities in the country to show the latest technology solutions of Charmex for education and training centers.

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With the aim of teaching with the help of new technologies, the next February 28 kicks off in Valladolid 'Tour Charmex Education 2019' . It is a tour that will tour different cities of the national geography (apart from Lisbon), which Charmex has launched to bring its technological innovations to the representatives of schools and training centers.

Specifically, the dates and locations foreseen are the following:

  • February 28: Valladolid
  • March 14: Seville
  • March 28: Granada
  • April 11: Valencia
  • May 8 and 9: Madrid and Barcelona
  • May 23: Bilbao
  • May 30: Santiago de Compostela
  • 3 and 4 of July: Lisbon

To register, it is necessary to complete this form and specify the city where you want to go as places are limited.

Charmex Tour Education 2019, technology at the service of education
Ecosystems of solutions for the classroom

Attendees of the 'Tour Charmex Education 2019' will have the opportunity to see first-hand the new Catalog for Education developed by the distributor, gathering in it a description of their products and technical characteristics most important from a practical and intuitive point of view. There is also room for solutions aimed at the digital and collaborative classroom, as well as training centers and function rooms.

Specifically, this catalog shows the possibilities offered by interactive solutions that help develop new teaching methods, stimulating participation and facilitating student learning; This is the case of monitors that support several tactile points at the same time and that favor collaboration among students.

On the other hand, and under the philosophy of 'Bring your own device' (BYOD), wireless presentation devices allow you to share images from your own device without the need to connect cables, in addition to offering the possibility of sharing files among students to promote participation and dynamism in the classroom. While, with the projection equipment it is possible to show the content of any device of the class in a larger size for a perfect view of the images used. In addition, Charmex has digital signage solutions in its catalog.