Clevertouch V 7.0 series: interactive monitors with Android

Schools with tight budgets can also have interactive monitors in their classrooms. An example? The V Series 7.0 of Clevertouch.

Published in: Education 3.0

Among the innovations of the Clevertouch firm for this course, the V 7.0 series of interactive monitors stands out, which is postulated as an alternative for schools with tight budgets.

With Android

Distributed by Charmex International in Spain, the devices that are part of this family work with Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, which allows you to control the screen as if it were a mobile or tablet and also offers access to a wide variety of applications.

Thinking about encouraging collaboration within the classroom, they have, first of all, Clevershare 2: a mirroring system compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows and Mac. Thanks to it, it is possible to connect up to 50 personal devices, either computers , tablets or mobile phones. From the monitor moderation work is done, choosing which devices can project with a top of four simultaneous.
Clevertouch V 7.0 series: interactive monitors with Android
It also facilitates other functions such as reverse mirroring and controlling the monitor from a tablet.

Second, it is possible to create a QR code to share information with the audience. Thus, and at any time, they can use the camera of their mobile devices to access to capture in PNG format and with Full HD quality (1.080p) of the projected image at that moment. As a complement, and whenever the QR code is used within the NOTES board, it is possible to send an image for each page of the presentation.
Clevertouch V 7.0 series: interactive monitors with Android

Always updated

The firmware updates of the Clevertouch V 7.0 series monitors are automatic: a notice is received informing that there is an update available to add new features to implement them to solve errors.

Finally, and thanks to a remote MDM management solution, all the monitors installed in the educational center can be controlled from the same computer simultaneously. Thus, it is much easier to send messages to all of them, install and uninstall applications, offer remote assistance and even switch on and off the equipment.