Elmo launches new ranges of 4K cameras: laptops and universities

4K screens are developing more and more to become the standard and the number of installations is continuously growing. As the market leader in the field of document cameras, Elmo has launched two ranges of 4K cameras to the market: Elmo PX-30 and Elmo MX-P , its objective is to allow visual presentations of the highest quality in the world of training and the business environment

The new professional range: bright optics in elegant design

Present with mobility and flexibility

Elmo launches new ranges of 4K cameras: laptops and universities
With its 4K camera and the zoom x288 , Elmo PX-30 now becomes the highest quality camera that this manufacturer has on the market. It is focused on the needs of small universities, has a network connection and RS-232C connection for external control. The direct reproduction of images in 4K is done through HDMI, VGA or HDBaseT. A USB 3.0 interface is available for connection to a computer. External image signals can be received through HDMI or VGA.

The 4K camera adjusts to the latest technological advances and provides a sharp image with up to 60 images per second. Thanks to the high level of zoom, even the smallest details become visible.

In addition, it has an intuitive operation through an integrated 5-inch touch screen and buttons / zoom wheel at the bottom edge of the device. The dry erase writing surface offers space for handwriting without paper.

It adheres magnetically to the support surface of the ELMO PX-30. Photos can be stored on the PX-30 device in the USB memory, the SD card or in the internal memory. Videos (30fps with 4K, 60fps with 2K resolution) can be stored on the SD card or internal memory.

Also, a light version with FullHD resolution has been released, the ELMO PX-10 camera. Both devices are oriented with their extensive equipment and elegant design and flat to demanding users in conference rooms and meetings, as well as universities.
Elmo launches new ranges of 4K cameras: laptops and universities
On the other hand, the ELMO MX-P viewer completes the company's previous portfolio with a flexible and portable document camera. The device has a 4K camera and a 1 / 1.3 "CMOS sensor with 13 megapixels that provides sharp images.

The display of images on a projector or monitor is done through HDMI or VGA. A USB 3.0 interface is available for connection to a computer. As the first document camera with 4K resolution, the ELMO MX-P has digital zoom x16 to also reproduce the smallest details.

Another feature is the flexible camera head, which allows it to rotate on two axes. In this way, the MX-P can be positioned in different orientations towards the object shown. Captures can be made in the room or the enclosure.

With its compact design and a weight of only 550g, the ELMO MX-P is aimed at all those who want to make presentations in a mobile and flexible way . They include teachers and entrepreneurs. Through easy transport and connection via HDMI, VGA or USB 3.0, they will be ready quickly.

Videos of the new 4K document cameras

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