Epson launches new range of compact and versatile high brightness laser projectors / Present

Epson launches new range of compact and versatile high brightness laser projectors

Epson launches new range of compact and versatile high brightness laser projectors
Epson, the world's leading projector brand, has launched a range of compact, versatile and lightweight 3LCD laser projectors with high brightness designed to meet the needs of the tourism, education, business and signage sectors.

The new EB-PU1000 series, distributed in Spain by Charmex, builds on the success of Epson's EB-L1070U series, and includes variants of 6,000, 7,000, 8,500 and 10,000 lumens that offer WUXGA resolution with 4K enhancement, HDR and functions advanced setup.

The EB-PU1000 series is compatible with Epson's existing range of motorized lenses and offers additional options such as the new ELPEC01 external camera module. The external camera uses built-in processing to perform PC-free stacking assist, which means you can stack two 10,000 lumen projectors to double the brightness to 20,000 lumens, without the need for external software.

Jordi Pallicera, head of the Pro Display division at Epson Ibérica, explained: "We are excited to launch our latest range of highly versatile, lightweight and high-brightness 3LCD laser projectors to the market. The new EB-PU1000 series replaces the series EB-L1070U and can be used in a wide variety of vertical markets, including tourist attractions, businesses, education and signage ”.

He adds, "This range of highly agile projectors has been designed to produce extremely bright, large-scale displays, often as part of multi-projector projects where lens flexibility is key. Thanks to advanced setup features, they can use multiple EB-PU1000 series projectors alongside other higher brightness projectors in rental fleets to offer greater versatility and significant cost savings. "

Other features, such as Stacking Wizard, Tiling Wizard, and Image Calibration, are supported by Epson Projector Professional Tool software. Flagship models also feature SDI inputs and outputs to further minimize the complexity of the installation with daisy chain bracket.

At the higher end of the range, the new EB-PU2010 features 10,000 lumens of color and white light output (CLO) in a compact and lightweight chassis. This projector is 27% smaller compared to its predecessor, resulting in more discreet installations without sacrificing brightness. The more compact size makes the projector more transportable and saves storage space, providing size and cost advantages to projector fleets.

The new EB-PU1000 range includes Near Field Communication (NFC) for easier setup, making it easy to diagnose and install multiple projectors. NFC technology enables communication between the projector and smart devices, even when the power is off, using Epson's projector setup tool. Initial settings can be preconfigured in the warehouse prior to delivery to shorten the time required for adjustments when installing multiple projectors.

Epson supplies each projector as a "single body" - making it possible to build the right projection solution for the right application in the customer's hands - offering our most flexible high-brightness display solutions to date. These are consolidated, therefore, as visualization solutions for practically any environment.

Available starting this July, key features include:
  • Optional camera integration (ELPEC01).
  • Built-in media player with network content upload.
  • An optional ELPAF63 external air filter.
  • The new 8.5klm and 10klm models come in the same chassis size.
  • Industry standard frames.
  • Support for Epson software for content management and remote monitoring and control.