How to get the most out of interactive monitors in the classroom / Present

For educational centers that work with interactive monitors from Traulux, or for those in the process of making a purchase decision, Charmex is launching a new free guide that will make it possible to make the most of all its functionalities.

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Charmex launches a user manual, downloadable free of charge, where in addition to having a detailed description of all the functionalities of Traulux interactive monitors, users will find tips for use and links to explanatory videos.

The interactive monitors of the TLM80 and TLM80-1 series have been designed with the aim of meeting the most demanding needs. Both in the hardware design and in the programming of the integrated Android layer, the maximum simplicity of use has been sought, adapting to tastes and responding to user suggestions. Even in the provision of shortcuts to the different functions, it has been prioritized that the most requested are quickly accessible. All this makes the user experience simple and intuitive from the first moment.

Some practical examples in the manual, intended to be incorporated into the classroom and including video tutorials, are the infinity whiteboard, working with documents, and collaborating wirelessly.

The infinite slate

The concept of a digital whiteboard, where you can write on a blank sheet of paper, is useful for organizing class annotations or brainstorming sessions. In addition, Charmex proposes the tools to cut, clone the pen color or duplicate objects to facilitate the ability to learn through games and without the use of complicated programs.

With the manual users will learn how to get the most out of these tools. For example, for Early Childhood Education, activities such as counting apples could be prepared where the teacher can import an image of a basket of apples, add an image of an apple and with the clone tool, duplicate them. Then a student can come to the front and count the apples one by one.

Tutorials like the following are linked in the manual to help teachers and students use the tool:

Working with documents

Working with documents in PDF, Word, Excel or Power Point format from these monitors is very easy for teachers due to the interactive features they offer. Users can even create annotations that will be embedded in documents when saved. In this chapter Charmex shows how you can gesture and type simultaneously.

Share wirelessly

Is it possible to collaborate from a mobile device? How many users can connect at the same time? Is it compatible with all operating systems? Can the monitor be controlled from a PC?

These monitors have extensive connectivity including USB-C input or HDMI output. Additionally, to give users the ability to collaborate wirelessly, the next chapter explains how to share from a device to the Traulux pen display with the pre-installed EsharePRO application. This allows the projection of up to 9 simultaneous devices between all operating systems (Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, MAC OS, Linux).

Google Workspace:

If Google Workspace is used at the center, this chapter will be of particular interest.

How to take advantage of this ecosystem is explained from two perspectives:

  • Elementary use of the main Google apps such as Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Youtube, Earh, Jamboard or Meet:

  • Full and unlimited use of the entire Workspace ecosystem using a Google Play and GMS certified external Chromebox device:

Remote control

The use of the remote control is another of the most unknown functions that can be very useful in the classroom: from turning pages of a powerpoint to moving the cursor in a document or taking screenshots that will be stored in internal memory:

In addition to being a guide for all those who are already users of the monitor, this manual provides added value as a reference document, being useful at the same time for anyone who simply wants to know more about these useful devices for classrooms. To download the manual, you just need to enter here and fill out the form below .

General characteristics of Traulux interactive monitors

Available in 65 ”, 75” and 86 ”, they have been made of metal, with a 4mm tempered protection glass and 7 MOHS. They have a matte, ultra-slippery and anti-fingerprint surface.

All have an integrated processor with the Android 8.0 operating system as standard with 4 cores, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB. They can also manage 4K content, both local and streaming. And, optionally, you can add the Windows PC-OPS module and / or the ChromeBox module, which can work simultaneously to offer a multi-operating system 'all-in-one' solution.

For personal use, it is also possible to connect it through the multiple inputs or using the 'mirroring' system. The monitor is compatible with all operating systems.

Lastly, it includes a wall mount and offers a five-year on-site warranty with re-installation included.