Improve communication between students with digital signage

Schedules, the profile of the educational center in social networks, important announcements ... Any information of interest can be shown thanks to these solutions. An easy way to do this is to install a device such as Vivitek NovoDS, distributed by Charmex in Spain, which helps manage the contents displayed on any screen.

Improve communication between students with digital signage
Improve communication between students with digital signage
Improve communication between students with digital signage
Published in: Education 3.0

The concept of digital signage is traditionally linked to the active advertising that is seen daily on the monitors of any business, hotel, information point, etc., and in which a message or advertisement is displayed directly and strikingly. But it also has a wide potential in the educational environment, with applications for communication, learning or security, among others.

In the middle

For all educational centers and institutions that wish to forget about corks, printed papers and thumbtacks and opt for a solution of this type, Charmex proposes NovoDS , a Vivitek device that works connected to any display in which you want to show the information. In this way, it becomes an ally to inform students and / or teachers of changes in class schedules, teacher absences, the day of the distribution of notes or data on excursions.

Its use is very simple thanks to the NovoDS software interface, with which any user independently of their profile will be able to manage the contents in a centralized way without the need of previous training and through any computer in the center. In addition, it helps to create, without having prior knowledge of the solutions or other digital signage devices, fully customizable templates with a wide range of options so that the message reaches the public in the best possible way.

NovoDS and its content is managed, in addition, from any computer in the center or even from a remote location, through the cloud, thanks to its optional NovoDS Cloud licenses. All you need is a web browser and a license to use it to make it show the information, sending it to another school from the school, office or even from home.

Multiple choices

Among the information that can be shown in these solutions, there are very varied options: show the profile of the school in social networks, RSS of news that inform about current events, weather widgets, etc.

In the same way, it is possible to echo the safety protocols of the school or university and, in case of possible emergencies such as a fire, the entire community can be alerted to the event in a more efficient and faster way. You can also use digital signage to involve students, proposing that they are the producers of information that is communicated in general, for example.