Interactive monitors to promote collaboration in the classroom

The possibility to choose between different user profiles, perform remote management and participate in meetings through videoconferencing are the main features of the CleverTouch Pro High Precision interactive monitors.
Published in: Education 3.0

Available in four screen sizes (55, 65, 75 and 86 inches), the 4K interactive monitors from CleverTouch's Pro High Precision range distributed by Charmex International feature a smooth glass for a smoother and more natural writing experience, and the possibility that teachers connect to the Google Drive or OneDrive accounts created for the classroom. In addition, they are compatible with both Windows devices and devices such as Mac OS X, macOS and Chromebook.

Encourage collaboration

Equipped with an interface with corporate aesthetics, one of its most outstanding features is that they incorporate a license for the STAGE videoconferencing and collaboration service developed by Nuiteq. Specifically, it is a cloud-based service that facilitates users to hold meetings at any time and place. STAGE can be used both for local teams and distributed in different places.

On the other hand, and thanks to the free Clevershare app -compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome operating systems-, up to 50 devices can connect with a CleverTouch Pro High Precision screen to share any type of content such as images, audios and videos at any time. Meanwhile, the Clever Message option facilitates the sending of messages, notices and multimedia communications remotely through different thematic templates. This feature works through a remote administrator in the cloud and the teacher programs these communications so that the class can see them when the screen is turned on.

Interactive monitors to promote collaboration in the classroom

Remote management, NFC technology ...

In another order of things, the Pro High Precision family shares with the Plus High Precision series of CleverTouch other functionalities of interest and help within the classroom. This is the case of a special tray with double function: on the one hand, it serves as support for the pencils that are used and, on the other hand, facilitates the user change thanks to the NFC technology and compatible accessories to log in and access to the applications and customized files just by placing them in this zone. In this case, it is possible to configure up to five profiles within one of these three categories: owner (with all the configuration and use privileges); user (configuration privileges are limited) and guest (with this option, any modification or file is deleted when the monitor is restarted).

Meanwhile, the remote management solution HDM makes it easy for all the CleverTouch interactive monitors in the school to be controlled and managed from a single computer remotely. The operative system that they integrate is Android 7.1 and, since its processor is in a removable module, the upgrade to more powerful versions in the future is done in a simple way. In addition, the firmware updates are automatic: a notice is received informing that there is an update available to add new features or solve errors.