Relax in the classroom with interactive monitors

An interactive Clevertouch monitor with the right applications and videos allows you to establish learning breaks that help students rest mentally, relax and concentrate for their next tasks

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Children who participate in additional physical activities at school get better results in subjects such as English and Mathematics . This is stated by research published by the US journal of Paediatrics, which studied more than 10,000 children between 4 and 13 years and found that it also improves behavior and cognitive functions in class.

In this way, a brief pause in learning with the intention of providing students with a mental break, helps them to revitalize, focus and relax in the classroom: it is enough to spend between 1 and 3 minutes and is appropriate at any educational level .

Access from the interactive monitor

Charmex proposes to use the interactive monitors of the V series and PLUS High Presicion of Clevertouch . "It is best to plan breaks before students feel fatigued or bored," explains Sue Cook, former teacher and product specialist at Clevertouch. "As intuitive as it may seem, dividing the lesson regularly by taking a few minutes to refocus can be very beneficial for the student's overall productivity," he continues.

Thus, with your browser and access to YouTube, you can access videos or music tracks that make students move. But they are not the only options. For example, companies like GoNoodle have proven to be a success in schools that seek a mental rest approach with many free applications that can be downloaded and that are appropriate for the age of the students and do not include advertising. "Logic-based games and activities help teenagers decompress after periods of high concentration," says Rob Xenos, responsible for Software Development for Clevertouch.

Precisely, Cleverstore, the firm's application store included in each Plus Series monitor, offers multiple options for free. These are the seven apps and videos chosen by Charmex.

Relax in the classroom with interactive monitors
Relax in the classroom with interactive monitors

The applications

  • Untangle In this game you must untangle the lines by moving the connection points. It has different levels to test the skills of students of all ages.
  • Bingo for Kids The classic game with shapes, colors, animals, numbers, letters, words, sums, mathematics and letters.
  • Drum Kit. This fun and engaging music application allows you to play with an interactive drum kit.
  • Keyboard To practice with a virtual synthesizer.
  • Pong This is a remake of the classic game, with additional multi-touch controls.
  • Tap . A reaction game where players have to press buttons that appear randomly.
  • Monster Mingle Its operation is simple: you have to choose different parts of the body to help explore the world and discover each unique island. There, students will encounter funny creatures, musical landscapes and hidden surprises.

The videos

  • Debbie Doo It includes movement routines with simple songs, perfect for the little ones.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga . A wide collection of yoga routines presented as adventures for children. It has short two-minute videos for mental breaks and longer stories when more time is available.
  • Dance Sweat Live He proposes mini workouts with simple dance routines for popular songs.
  • Move to Learn Simple and fun workouts for children of different ages.