Roland ProAV trusts Charmex for its official technical service

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In order to continue to guarantee a leading service at all times, Roland announces that since May the value-added B2B distributor, Charmex International is part of the Roland ProAV European technical services network.

David Mellado, Head of Charmex's Post-Sales Management Department, sees a great opportunity in this new partnership: "In recent years, Charmex has invested heavily in advanced video presentation technology for large productions and high-end applications, being a One of our priorities is to offer the best pre- and post-sales service to our channel.Since we are strategic partners with Roland, by reaching a distribution agreement since the end of 2020, we have offered a reliable Japanese quality product at an affordable price , and that is exactly what a significant portion of our customers expect today.”

And he adds: "Now, the fact of being able to be part of the Roland ProAV official technical services network will allow us to further increase the quality of service to our customers".

Fran Gallego, Roland ProAV Sales Manager for Southern Europe continues: "The reputation of Roland products has increased enormously due to extensive use and thanks to our good reputation in recent years. The Charmex group's working method is totally in line with our own philosophy. Therefore, we are delighted to build on the success of Roland ProAV in Iberia with a value-added B2B distributor like Charmex, where our customers are always guaranteed leading service at all times."

Roland ProAV trusts Charmex for its official technical service

Among its innovations, Roland launches the SR-20HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer, a powerful and portable audio/video switcher that simplifies the implementation of a livestreaming platform in a company or organization with minimal training.

SR-20HD combines video switcher, audio mixer, preview screen, recorder/player and streaming encoder tools in one unit, simplifying the process and eliminating user hassles. Presenters can stream directly to YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch, or via RTMP to a CDN without using a computer.