Spanish alquiladores point to the wave of Christie Boxer 4K30 / Projectors

Spanish alquiladores point to the wave of Christie Boxer 4K30
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Madrid, Spain - (November 10, 2015) - The Christie Boxer 4K30, recent winner of the "Projector of the Year" award at the prestigious AV Awards, has captivated the Spanish sector rental & staging. Charmex , Christie partner in Spain, it has already sold 10 units of equipment and is closing as many operations with rental companies across the country.
In the Open Days that Charmex and Christie recently held in Madrid and Barcelona to show the new machine, have exceeded all expectations with over 150 visitors fascinated by this projector revolutionary 3DLP 30,000 lumens and 4K resolution that incorporates the processor multiawarded image Christie TruLife ™ . "the truth is that the team marks a before and after in the sector because it has been designed to make life easier for companies audiovisual rental, offering enormous advantages over its major competitors , " says Jorge Vilaplana, head of Audiovisual Product of Charmex.
One of the first Spanish rental companies bet on the Boxer was Sono Audiovisual Technology , which has bought two units. Francesc Comabella, technical director of the firm, gives his opinion on the projector: "First impressions when I met were once very positive as far 4K projectors we had seen were much less manageable than the Boxer addition to its quality. , easy to adjust and multi-lamp system make it very attractive. "
"There is no other level projector that has a 4096 x 2160 native panel and 30,000 lumens with only 68 kilos of weight continues Francesc Comabella-. It is also 360 omnidirectional, so that can be used in any position. There are other features that They make it interesting and very low consumption, settings including warping and blending and signal processing. " Sono has tested their new equipment in a videmapping made during the event awards a recognized brand power and the first world summit on 4K ( 4K Summit ) just held in Seville.
STEREORENT is another company that wanted to further stimulate their capabilities rental equipment for events and shows with the acquisition of two Boxer. Founded in 1985, this company has in its fleet with more than 20 Christie projectors ranging from 5,500 to 30,000 lumens. "We saw the Boxer running for the first time in a demo in London and found a projector spectacular quality, perfectly designed for the rental market in terms of weight, size and power consumption," says Oriol Parra, technical director of the company .
"We decided to buy it for its brightness, image quality and 4K native resolution," added Parra. "Its low weight was also an important reason because other teams in the competition are much bulkier and that is a drawback in the renting sector to increase spending on personnel and transportation." STEREORENT has already successfully used its Boxer in two events of the last election campaign in Catalonia.
The signatures Eikonos and Cast also bought each two units of the 4K30 Boxer. "We met this projector at ISE in Amsterdam and were intrigued by 4K resolution, size and weight," says Angel Luis Justo, CEO of Cast. "And of course we plan to buy more units Boxer in the future," he adds.
Ricard Galindo, manager Eikonos, also gives his opinion on the team: "It's a spectacular projector" he exclaims. "The system of mercury lamps is fantastic because it produces flickeo and this is something unique in the market. In addition, possessing six lamps, the failure of one of them in the midst of a projection is invisible to the eyes of the audience. Other strengths are the size, weight and sound. " Boxer Eikonos released their last summer at the Congress of Peñas del Futbol Club Barcelona and, more recently, has been used in the presentation of new professional printers HP LaserJet manufacturer, both events held at the Palacio de Congresos de Catalunya.
Jorge Vilaplana, of Charmex, also wants to highlight the NFC capabilities of the six lamps equipment used to check the number of hours each lamp. "Another strong point is the preview screen and the ability to make adjustments convergence of colors and focus by the user without carrying equipment for service," adds Vilaplana.

Marcos Fernandez, director of Christie for Spain and Portugal, is delighted with the response that the new projector is having on the rental sector in Spain: "We are delighted the huge interest that are showing alquiladores Spanish by the Boxer, because is a projector that was conceived from the start thinking of your needs. the Boxer 4K30 has already become a benchmark for the sector and the truth is that everyone wants to have one, "he concludes.

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