Special News ISE 2019

Special News ISE 2019

Charmex ISE 2019

Here is a summary of our visit to ISE with our partners.
Thank you very much to all of you who have accompanied us for one more year

The Charmex team

Special News ISE 2019
Novastar - NovaPro UHD Jr
(4K electronic with scaler) New all-in-one controller with multiple input connectors, which support up to 8 inputs simultaneously, output connectors that include 16 Ethernet ports and 4 systems, conference sites and exhibition sites.
Special News ISE 2019
Samsung - QLED 8K Signage 82 " This monitor combines the highest resolution on the market with Artificial Intelligence (AI) scaling technology, producing realistic images that allow users to enjoy immersive viewing experiences.
Special News ISE 2019
Vivitek- NovoProjector
At ISE, Vivitek has introduced the NovoProjector DH3665ZN, a solution that combines a 4,000 lumen projector and 1080dp resolution with the NovoConnect wireless collaboration tool.
Special News ISE 2019
Unilumin - Led of 0.9 mm
In this ISE 2019, Unilumin presents its new solution MP Mini-LED with a Led series of 0.9 mm for high-end applications. The ability of Unilumin to mass produce Mini-LED opens a new chapter in the technology of LED screens, solving the previous technical barriers and addressing the problem of the high cost of traditional SMD displays.
Special News ISE 2019
Christie -Christie View
Teams: Mirage 304K + Pandora Box
Christie View presents a new way of viewing content. This solution allows up to four people to see different content on the same screen at the same time in an innovative way. It is compatible with Christie's 4K projectors that incorporate TruLife electronics.

Special News ISE 2019
Sharp -Windows Collaboration Display (WCD)
This generation of interactive screens are designed to support and improve teamwork. The interactive 70K 4K screen for corporate offices and SMEs, complies with Microsoft's WCD specifications, combines Sharp's award-winning touch technology and sensors that can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor collaboration spaces.
Special News ISE 2019
New connectivity solutions debut:
· 8K fiber cable
· Modular matrix to configure as you need, with the inputs you want and the outputs that work best for you. Fully customizable
· Climber with USB-C
Special News ISE 2019
Launches its new Unified Communications Ecosystem for Business, a collaborative platform that allows participants to work in real time together and without problems in an open ecosystem; no matter where they are located or from which device they are located, while ensuring that the underlying networks of the company remain totally secure.

Special News ISE 2019
· Multiswitcher with audio, PIP, audio mixer and amplifier.
· Multiviewer, multiscreen on a single screen and is SDVOE