The RGBlink Flex RS1 rotation and combination processor is now available at Charmex

The new FLEX RS1 from RGBlink is a unique solution for 4K video processing, FLEX RS1 can also be configured for blending or videowall operations .

As standard it is equipped with 4K @ 60Hz 4: 4: 4 input. FLEX RS1 accepts different types of signals including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI. Its output to four ports 2K / HD DVI allows you to connect it to any type of device.

With a 1U height, FLEX RS1 is compact and autonomous, ideal for creative installation applications, yet powerful enough for dynamic entertainment applications.
The configuration and the remote control are achieved through the software platform XPOSE or OpenAPI of RGBlink. In XPOSE the configuration of FLEX RS1 is intuitive and visual, so that the images can be oriented and organized in a virtual canvas with a video source in layers through the required devices. It supports independent output resolutions, as well as a variable pixel density, allowing screens of different sizes to integrate perfectly.

In addition to the sophisticated rotation capabilities, FLEX RS1 can be used as a variable processor for blending suitable for projection applications through 4 output devices organized in any way, and even as a 4K processor for videowall splicing.