The Vivitek DU7000Z projector encourages collaboration in medium and large spaces

This line, made up of the DU7295Z and DU7098Z laser models, offers an optimal viewing experience, does not require maintenance and has improved color performance.

Published in: Digital AV Magazine

Vivitek has launched the DU7000Z laser projector series, which includes the DU7295Z and DU7098Z models. Thanks to their high performance, these devices offer a high viewing experience and a low total cost of ownership.

These equipments, which Charmex sells in Spain, are suitable for use in medium and large meeting rooms, due to their simple installation, simple wiring and fast image alignment. In addition, its great luminosity, different ranges of optional lenses, together with the possibility of orienting them in vertical and 360º projection mode makes them adapt to multiple spaces.

The DU7295Z offers 9,000 lumens with WUXGA resolution, while the DU7098Z provides 7,000 lumens. Both are laser, maintenance free and feature enhanced color performance, Rec. 709 color space capability, and HDR support.

This allows realistic color reproduction, ensuring optimum visibility in meeting rooms. In addition, the variety of projection modes, including DICOM simulation for an improved X-ray image, provides full performance.

When it comes to sound, the two 10 W speakers allow the message to always be well received, but they are also very quiet with 33 dB in normal mode, thanks to the thermal technology used to cool them. In this way, the DU7000Z series guarantees that it can be seen and heard while the content is being projected, without being distracted by a noisy fan.

The Vivitek DU7000Z projector encourages collaboration in medium and large spaces

By helping companies comply with their environmental policies, the DU7000Z series features an instant and direct on / off function, which allows it to shut down without waiting for it to cool. In addition, it automatically shuts off when there is no signal input for a certain period, thanks to the ecological No-Signal-Auto-Power-Off function.