Traulux interactive monitors upgrade their interface to 4K

Aimed at the educational community, Charmex launches an enhancement that converts the user interface of Traulux TLM80-1 interactive monitors from Full HD to 4K.

Posted in: Education 3.0

With the aim of improving the user experience, Charmex has updated the complete interface of the Traulux TLM80-1 interactive monitors , which until now was shown in Full HD quality, up to 4K resolution; something possible thanks to the quality of the panel and the power of the processor. The change becomes visible when the device is turned on: browsers, icons and text messages, among others, are four times more defined, with greater contrast and a more vivid color; and the lines of the pen are more defined and, therefore, students and teachers will achieve greater precision in annotations.

The new monitors will already come with this improvement, but those centers that have one and wish to update it, must do so in local mode (via USB), because as it is a higher degree update it cannot be done automatically. For this, it is necessary to request it by email, writing to

Traulux interactive monitors upgrade their interface to 4K
Traulux interactive monitors upgrade their interface to 4K

More defined lines

The Traulux TLM80-1 interactive monitors are available in 65, 75 and 86 inches with wall mount and have a five-year warranty with reinstallation included for Spain and Portugal.

Equipped with an Android operating system, they are suitable for all educational stages. For example, the digital whiteboard function with which you can write on a blank sheet of paper can be useful to use in the classroom. In addition, the teacher will be able to organize class annotations, do exercises with students or even brainstorming sessions. On the other hand, Charmex proposes to use the tools to cut, clone the pen color or duplicate objects to facilitate the teaching and learning process through games and without the use of complicated programs.

All the functionalities and advantages of these devices are available in the Traulux TLM80-1 user manual, created by Charmex based on the requests that have been received the most from the educational community. In this guide, downloadable for free, you will find a detailed description of all the functionalities of the Traulux interactive monitors, tips for use, links to explanatory videos and practical examples designed to be incorporated in the classroom such as the use of the infinity whiteboard, working with documents and collaborating wirelessly.