Vivitek Charmex and strengthen connectivity with the audience in presentations NovoPro

More powerful and fast, NOVOPRO definitely cut the cable from the meeting to enable collaboration and interaction of the participants, with the projector wirelessly.

Charmex presents hand Vivitek brand leader in audiovisual product, a powerful collaboration tool for enterprise market Wireless, NOVOPRO . This device takes a step forward against NOVOCONNECT, thanks to some impressive features that really allow you to share content and engage participants in a meeting completely wirelessly only with a few clicks. This platform is designed to ensure a high quality wireless experience at an affordable price for any meeting room.

With NOVOPRO as core and manager of audiovisual content it is easy to view the contents of any device on a projection or monitor, and additional tools such as screen capture or annotation on the content opens a new range of possibilities in any room. Participants can connect immediately to NOVOPRO and share their content in full or dividing screen to display up to 4 devices at once.

It includes a powerful Quad-Core processor enables faster connection between devices. Up to 64 devices can be connected simultaneously and can display up to 4 devices at once on the projected image, also including the option to mirror mode or "mirroring". Its ability to cross different platforms allows us to connect iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Chromebooks, Windows and MAC computers.

NOVOPRO allows the ability to configure an output signal native UHD or 4K (3840 * 2160), as well as video playback in full HD (1080p) of a fluid and fast.

Vivitek Charmex and strengthen connectivity with the audience in presentations NovoPro
Vivitek Charmex and strengthen connectivity with the audience in presentations NovoPro

This device allows the connection via Wireless and Ethernet simultaneously, a dual connection that helps, for example, the content among the guests at a business and workers themselves can be shared avoiding incompatibility between the two networks. The information sent is encrypted so that content security is ensured and shared ideas, safe.

So guests can connect to a meeting immediately, the set of 4 LAUNCHER USB (optional), prevents them having to install software on your computer, running the software preloaded on these Launchers. Each launcher has up to 5 buttons, which allows us to visualize the contents of your computer in full or in one of the 4 corners of the image to allow viewing of other computers on the same picture screen. The pack of 4 Launchers is compatible with MAC and is really a Plug & Play option.

NOVOPRO key points:

  • Allows up to 64 users connected simultaneously and display a maximum of 4 at a time
  • WiFi Hotspot mode (up to 8 users online simultaneously) for faster or potential client mode to intergrar the device on the network
  • Compatibility between different platforms
  • Full mirroring on Windows and Mac computers, Chromebook and mobile devices
  • Allows access to files in the cloud (in client mode)
  • Sending data encryption Corporate mode
  • The Launcher USB allows immediate connection without installing software.
  • Touch function allows monitors or PDI's
  • Remote control for centralized management of all devices NovoPRO

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