Vivitek DU9800Z: high brightness laser projector and optimal viewing quality

Charmex will present Vivitek products to its distribution channel in the 'Open day laser projection' event that will be held next November 29 in Valencia. Likewise, it will also come with Gefen and IDK signal management products.

Published in: Digital AV Magazine

The WUXGA single chip DU9800Z laser projector from Vivitek , brand that distributes exclusively in Spain and Portugal Charmex , incorporates a new feature of constant brightness to help reduce the maintenance of a facility with blending.

Equipped with an intelligent sensor, it continuously measures the light output and adjusts the lighting accordingly to maintain a constant brightness. This feature reduces the need for installers to recalibrate projectors too regularly.

With a brightness of 18,000 ANSI lumens and equipped with 1-chip DLP technology, it features a laser light source that allows it to operate up to 20,000 with a constant brightness level and high color performance. In addition, the projector has many benefits for system integrators due to its light weight that allows a simple and fast installation.

Vivitek DU9800Z: high brightness laser projector and optimal viewing quality

The DU9800Z also features Delta's advanced thermal management technology, while offering a sealed optical assembly design that features a liquid cooling base and allows for better airflow for cooling. This guarantees a greater robustness since it eliminates the negative impact of dust and a quieter operation.

As the laser light source has maximum thermal control, the operation of the DU9800Z remains very stable and makes it an ideal equipment for 24 × 7 operation in any position.

This equipment offers great flexibility in the installation allowing a 360 ° projection for installations at any angle.