Charmex equips the new training facilities of BMW Ibérica

Charmex, B2B provider of reference in the audiovisual sector, is pleased to announce that it has supplied all audiovisual equipment for the new training rooms of the headquarters of BMW Ibérica, which have just been inaugurated. The installation has included 84 "Clevertouch multi-touch panels, Samsung monitors and ultra-short Christie projectors.
The company IC-10 , specialized in the reform and adaptation of interior spaces, mainly commercial and corporate, was awarded the complete remodeling of all the training and qualification facilities of the network personnel at the headquarters of BMW Ibérica, located in Madrid. IC-10 chose Charmex to provide the 12 rooms with the best audiovisual technology on the market.

These BMW facilities include training spaces of all kinds, including product, technique, brand, business, marketing, systems and skills. For BMW, the role of audiovisual tools is key to optimizing the teaching processes of its staff and enhancing the interactivity in their different classrooms.

Francisco Oliva, Consultant of Charmex Projects, says: "It is a company with a high level of demand that had very clear ideas and sought the best audiovisual technology in the market, but adapted to the specific needs of each Of their classrooms.

The BMW technical staff then went to the Charmex showroom in Madrid and was captivated by the interactive LED panels Clevertouch Plus Lux. "We were shuffling several brands but they were the most convincing in terms of ease of installation," say from the BMW Training department. "Our IT department is quite strict with third-party software, and these monitors allow for unattended operation of any driver or program," they add. Thus, BMW was made with 10 units of the model Clevertouch Plus Lux of 84 inches and 4K resolution, in what constitutes one of the largest acquisitions of this product in Spain.

The Clevertouch Plus Lux range offers a technological premiere by incorporating a removable module with the Android operating system, so it can run without a computer, like a giant tablet. In this way, and just as we would with the help of a PC, with Clevertouch Plus Lux it is possible to directly select images, videos, audio and Office files for use in presentations.

"What most caught our attention in this product was its versatility, functionality and image quality," they say at BMW. "But above all the number of tactile points that can be detected at once: 10, it's incredible!" They add.

And it is that these monitors allow up to 20 simultaneous touches (10 of guaranteed writing) and are made of noble materials that give a great robustness, which added to a guarantee on site of five years with re-installation included guarantees a long durability.
Charmex equips the new training facilities of BMW Ibérica
Charmex equips the new training facilities of BMW Ibérica
The Clevertouch Plus Lux panels are equipped with the Clevernote application that allows you to use the monitor as a blackboard by touching the surface with your finger or pencil, while maintaining excellence in accuracy and speed of writing thanks to an IR touch frame last generation.

The Clevertouch monitors were installed on BMW with Traulux motorized fixed floor brackets, which allow users to adjust the height to users, whether high or low, with a height variation of 500mm, which allows full access to touch functions. They feature a solid design, perfect for large displays or touch monitors.

In addition to the Clevertouch monitors, which were installed in 10 of the rooms, BMW purchased two Christie Captiva DHD400S projectors for two other rooms, one projecting on the wall and the other on a screen. These are 1DLP laser phosphors with ultra-short shot lens, over 3000 lumens and HD resolution, ensuring exceptional brightness and brightness in tight spaces.

"The idea when installing the Captiva was to project in the least intrusive way possible, without generating shadows or cuts, and that the projector would only be noticed," explains Francisco Oliva de Charmex. In this sense, thanks to its ultra-short 0.25: 1 shooting lens, Christie Captiva Series projectors can be mounted within a few centimeters of a screen or wall, in portrait or landscape mode, without the presence of shadows obstructing the image.
They are also very quiet projectors, which operate at full capacity up to 20,000 hours and without lamp, so they have zero maintenance, and in a matter of seconds reach all their potential brightness or standby, instantaneously , Without going through the cooling period. With great reliability, the 1DLP engine allows you to use the projector in heavy-duty applications, including the 24/7 mode, without interrupting its operation at any time.

Likewise, Charmex installed three Samsung UE55D monitors in the training area of ​​BMW workshops, two on mobile stands and another fixed to a wall. These are elegant and ultra-thin screens of full HD resolution, equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to transfer, play, share and program digital content easily without any physical connection.

The fact is that at BMW they are proud of their new training facilities and applaud the work done by IC-10: "We are very satisfied with the audiovisual installation as a whole, both with integration and with the later training that will To make the most of these new tools. "