Charmex supplies a Unilumin screen and NovaStar controllers for the new Telemadrid set

"For Charmex, this project is an installation of enormous importance that strengthens us as a reference provider for the broadcast market", LED product manager.

The Vitelsa integrator was the winner of the public tender for the engineering and execution of the audiovisual equipment project of the Telemadrid set. And Vitelsa relied on Charmex for the provision of the main technological elements of the study, such as the screen and LED processors.

It is a curved Unilumin screen of 20 meters in length, which delimits the perimeter of the new set where different editions of news programs, current programs and gatherings for the autonomous channels Telemadrid and La are produced throughout the day. Other.

The truth is that the screen is divided into three segments: a main one (which is 12.5 meters wide x 2.5 high) that is located behind the information table, and two laterals (4.5 x 2), 5, meters) to support the different sections.

The Unilumin USLIM model has a 2.6 mm pixel pitch and offers a total resolution of 8256 x 960 pixels. "This is a high-refreshment display (3840Hz) that offers great stability and allows the necessary flexibility to change the images and transform the set," explains Txep Calzada, head of LED Product at Charmex. "The design of light cabinets allows the structure to be mobile according to the requirements of the chain," he adds.

Charmex supplies a Unilumin screen and NovaStar controllers for the new Telemadrid set
Charmex supplies a Unilumin screen and NovaStar controllers for the new Telemadrid set

In this sense, to increase the polyvalence of the study, the lateral segments of the screen have been mounted on motorized supports of great robustness made to measure by Vitelsa. These supports facilitate the automatic movement of the screens according to the requirements of the different sections of the programs produced. The mobility of these screens also allows them to be moved to other nearby sets, making it possible to optimize their use as a large visual aids in other Telemadrid programs.

Controlling the screen display 10 processors led scaler used NOVAPRO HD of NovaStar . In addition to its function as a controller, NovaPro HD provides powerful front processing, which no longer requires an external scaler. It has integrated professional interfaces and meets the requirements of the broadcast industry in terms of image quality and control.

The truth is that the solution provided by Charmex has enabled Telenoticias has become one of the Spanish news with the most spectacular image of those that are currently broadcast. "We are delighted with this installation that has made us reaffirm once again the quality of Unilumin and NovaStar products," says Txep Calzada.