Interactive classes at the sports academy of Gran Canaria

"Without doubt the acquisition of the Clevertouch has meant a significant quality change in training," Yeray Suarez, director of the academy.

Posted by: CRI Group

The nautical sports academy of the Insular Sailing Federation of Gran Canaria teaches classes nautical recreation. So far, their tool in the school was a conventional chalkboard, which they decided to replace with a Clevertouch Plus Lux Dual Slot and 4K 75 "interactive monitor thanks to the advice of the CRI group, Clevertouch's sole authorized distributor in the Canary Islands and the partner technological development of Charmex.

"When explaining certain subjects about coastal navigation, the student wooed in a letter of paper what the teacher drew on the traditional blackboard. However, now with the Clevertouch is explained in a much more didactic way, it is better understood and more simply, "says the director of the nautical academy, Yeray Suárez.

Thus, his way of teaching classes has taken a 180º turn, as simple as turning on the panel, picking the color of the pencil and begin the lesson without unnecessary complications. Images, videos, office documents and Internet browser available in seconds. In addition, thanks to its file manager all the information can be stored in its internal memory or, if preferred, in USB devices.