Monitors and software at the Palau de la Música Catalana

Charmex and PosterDigital together to provide the Palau de la Música Catalana with the most advanced digital signage system in Spain

The Palau de la Música Catalana has just inaugurated the system more complex digital signage never done before in Spain. Comprised Samsung screens and software PosterDigital , the project has been carried out through the distributor PMC Grup with Charmex as a global supplier of APM solution. It is a digital broadcasting platform and integrated into the web communication manager Palau which provides information on the activities of the concert hall and allows permanent automation.

The project had a high level of complexity and was a major challenge for Charmex and PosterDigital who had to cope with the high demands of the customer and adapt supply to your needs. It was a fantastic teamwork in which were involved dozens of experts from both companies during the seven months of implementation of this project made to customer requirements.

"The Palau de la Música Catalana needed to implement a broadcasting system and digital communication that went beyond a simple cartelería" recalls Judith Pi i Riubrugent, Director of Communication of Palau. " We needed a complete integration with our web content manager that allows a constant automation, while an important leeway to work out of this automation is also required , " he adds.
The circuit includes eight screens Samsung DB48E 48 inches that are distributed by different areas of Palau, including entrance, bar, stairs, hallways ... These monitors are used to concert information, notices of incidents, promotions, videos corporate, advertising the restaurant, etc.

PosterDigital innovative digital signage software, developed by Tecnilógica, controls eight screens from the cloud. This system has the highest level of customization the market and works on major players and operating systems, being open to multiple integrations (design tools, payments, queue management, tactile interfaces, etc.).
One of the main requirements of the Palau was told that the circuit with maximum automation for their staff had to make a minimal intervention on the platform. To do this, Tecnilógica developed a gateway between the web manager of Palau and PosterDigital through which the software collects data from the website of Palau and model templates previously defined by the design agency. Thus, the screens are painted and updated automatically reading the data from web manager.
Monitors and software at the Palau de la Música Catalana
Monitors and software at the Palau de la Música Catalana
"Due to the large number of concerts, events and other lines of business as the Palau hosts, and having reduced in the Department of Communication team, it was essential that integration with the web manager, that would not duplicate work of renovation and creation content , "explains Judith Pi i Riubrugent.

Another of the requirements was that the circuit Palau digital signage fulfill a set of rules specific publication with intelligent content on different screens. "The idea was that the system itself will manage the content based on pre - specified conditions, without having a slope of that person , " says Gonzalo Marcos, responsible for business development in the area of digital signage Tecnilógica. "So we had to change a number of software behaviors and adapt to the rules that the customer demanded us , " he adds.

It was also crucial that the circuit be as minimalist as possible, respecting the architectural rules of the building. This point was particularly sensitive because the Palau is built around a metal core coated glass structure, being an architectural pearl of Catalan modernism and the only modernist concert hall declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

"We had time to study the space very well and develop media monitors as to make them less intrusive as possible, with special colors that emulate the architecture of Palau and without major wiring; ultimately everything happened as inconspicuous as possible , "said Ruben Sanchez, head of the department Display Charmex.

In the same vein, we opted for monitors with a design content such as Samsung DBE series featuring a thin frame (9.5 mm) and thinner (49.9 mm) and have wireless connectivity and a DVD integrated functionality that eliminated the need for a PC to manage the circuit. This greatly reduced the costs of implementing the system, and the complexity and volume of installation and maintenance.

The truth is that in the Palau are delighted with the performance and quality of their new circuit digital signage: "The result in terms of installing the system, both in terms of image quality, supports and automation required, is excellent , "says Judith Pi i Riubrugent. "The team of the supplier has been also excellent in every way. It was the most ambitious technical proposal and seemed better understand our needs, while showed ability to cover, with attentive and coordinated multidisciplinary team , "the director of communication of Palau.

He concludes: "This system not only has allowed us to replace the previous paper , with posters in which there is a saving in design and printing - but involves an innovation in content production and how to communicate, according to the today 's new technologies. "

This project has also strengthened the alliance Tecnilógica Charmex and weaved in November 2014 to jointly address major digital signage projects. " In the end what we have done has been to understand customer needs and adapt to our offer, delivering a turnkey project with all the elements of a professional circuit digital signage, and a comprehensive and flexible response" says Ruben Sanchez de Charmex.