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Traulux interactive monitors in integrated plurilingual education

The Santo Ángel Calasancias School of Ourense was founded in 1925 initially as a charity institution for orphan girls and evolved into a complete educational center. In 1971, a new building adapted to the educational demands of the time was inaugurated, under the management of the Calasancio Institute of Daughters of the Divina Pastora. Over time, it has adjusted its structure to comply with educational regulations, currently offering comprehensive education from early childhood, primary, to compulsory secondary school.

Published in: Digital AV Magazine

Currently, Santo Ángel Calasancias de Ourense is a multilingual school that is characterized by continually adapting to the methodological and innovation demands that arise around the educational system. Along these lines, since the end of 2023 they have included modern audiovisual solutions in their classrooms, consisting of monitors from the new Standard Traulux series and integrated OPS Google EDLA modules.

Advised by the integrator ECR200 and Charmex as a value supplier, the school has installed Standard series interactive monitors in 12 classrooms, designed to be used with an external device since they do not have an embedded operating system. The chosen solution includes 12 Traulux TLM75S 75-inch interactive monitors, along with optional OPS Google EDLA modules with Android 13. These modules add to the monitor access to the versatility of Google Workspace, with a variety of educational applications, with Google Play certified.

According to what the school says, these new resources have significantly improved the educational dynamic, promoting more interactive classes and greater student participation, from the youngest to high school students.

Traulux interactive monitors in integrated plurilingual education
Traulux interactive monitors in integrated plurilingual education

By updating the digital whiteboards with projectors, they now use the monitors to teach classes, highlighting among the improvements the promotion of active participation of the students. This has contributed to the Cooperative Learning (CA) model present in their classrooms, where they develop the curriculum of each subject through group work dynamics, promoting student interaction and redefining the way of teaching and learning.

“The installation company, ECR200, has helped us during the implementation with training for teachers. In these sessions, the teachers have learned how to get the most out of these tools and they are very satisfied,” the school points out.

The monitor set plus OPS module that is inserted on the side has an Android 13 processor, with 8 Gb of RAM and 128 Gb of ROM. The monitor is programmed to directly display the Android OPS module, and turning it off turns off the OPS simultaneously.